kimchi powder

kimchi powder

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kimchi, kimchi lyophilization poder, salted sand lance,


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South Korea South Korea / 2018
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Product Information

You can make delicious freshly made kimchi with only cabbage and palm-k kimchi powder.


First. After washing the cabbage, cut it into pieces that are easy to eat.


(If you are bothered with cutting the chopping board) Try to do the trick of cutting the cabbage in the air.)


Just sprinkle it.


You can just mix. (It's the same if you go into the stomach anyway.)



To eat crispy now! If you want to eat with more seasoning, after 30 minutes!



Kkakdugi can also be made and eaten in the same way.



Kimchi soup for outer use (set of red pepper powder)


-Based on 1 cabbage or 1 radish or 15 cucumbers (about 2 ~ 2.7kg)



Freshly made freshly made kimchi soup is called kimchi salad, so you can enjoy the unique taste and crispy texture of cabbage when you eat it right away. Pepper powder is made of a set, so you can put it according to your preference.


You want eat right away, you can mix the kimchi soup and  washing the cabbage, the soup will pour well into the cabbage with just the water on the cabbage. If the kimchi soup is tossed after a long time after washing the cabbage, pour 200 ml of water and eat it after 30 minutes.



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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2018
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76-16 Seokjeong-ro Incheon, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea
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Other Kitchen
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