Korean Premium Bamboo/ Onion/ Garlic/ Salicomia Salt

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K Salt
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premium purple bamboo salt, bath and beauty salt, this premium seasoning salt, garlic onion bamboo salt,
Bath Salt , Hay & Salt Licks , Salt

14 Best Green Life Co., Ltd.

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    Korea Salt

    K-Salt is a unique manufacturer in Korea, which produces roasted salt by baking at a high temperature of 800°C and above.

    -We manufacture the roasted alkaline salt with full of natural minerals fee from any harmful substances such as impurities, toxins, and heavy metals via a high-temperature roasting process. 

    K-Salt acquired 2 patents for the manufacturing method of reduction salt(Bamboo Salt) and has been exporting bamboo salt with its best reduction power to Japan. 

    K-Salt acquired certificates of ISO 22000, and HACCP.

    -We have been pursuing the best quality products through the Quality Management System and Environment Management System for 10 years and acquired the HACCP.

    K-Salt has its own salt field and processing facility for solar salt in the clean area. 

    -We make solar salt at our own salt field located in Palgeum-myeon, Sinan-gun where is designated as the natural clean area by the Korean ministry of environment and produce a multi-purpose solar salt on our own processing facility located at Cheonggyn-myeon, Muan-gun near from the salt field.

    Garlic Salt : For meat and fish dishes

    This premium seasoning salt is mixed with 100% Korean solar

    salt and extracts of local garlic from Muan, Jeonnam

    Onion Salt : For meat and fish dishes

    This premium seasoning salt is mixed with 100% Korean roasted solar salt and extracts of local onion form Muan, Jeonnam.

    Bamboo Salt : Advanced for cooking

    Baked 100% Korean solar salt along with bamboo in the high temperature, the premium table bamboo salt for daily life enjoys the best reducing power.

    Roasted Solar Salt : All Cooking

    By being roasted over 800, the natural salt is free from any impurities, toxins and it changes to alkaline salt with mind and soft taste.

    Salicomia Herbacea Salt : Advanced for Cooking

    This salt has a rich flavor and is made from solar salt, formed

    from mud flats in Sinan Island and herbacea, also known as '

    The Ginseng of the Sea,' collected from clean mud flats.


    Premium Purple Bamboo Salt

    Roasted at a high temperature of over 1200, breaking down and eliminating harmful substances. It also has ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of 500mV.






    It contains pure ingredients from mugwort which has long

    been used as a natural antibiotic in oriental medicine and

    known to be free from side effects and resistance



    It gives you more freshness with its rich minerals and mint.



    The new concept of skin care salt contains fine substances from

    green tea and rich vitamin A and C.



    A roasted salt inside bamboo at high temperatures of 800,

    containing ingredients from Korean bamboo and red clay.



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    14 Best Green Life Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Seong-Keun Kang

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      Rm.417, Daerung Techno Town-12, 327-32, Gasan-dong,, Geumcheon-gu,Seoul,

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      Best Green Life Co., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of home appliances and healthcare & fitnesse items and beauty devices in Korea. Since we were established in 1997, we have been supplying nothing but qualified, innovative products to our clients in around 30 countries.

      All of our staff have established a plenty of experience in their fields to show our partners the best performance in the interest of theirs.

      During our early years, we were the pioneer of the cold-pressed slow juicers to introduce to Western countries and now exporting to USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and so on.

      Our mission is to make people enjoy Mother Nature's benefits to mankinds so as to help them living not only longer, but healthier.

      Our products have been developed under this mission and will be applied with advanced technologies step by step so that more people can get Mother Nature's benefits with them more and easier.

      We will never forget why we started Best Green Life and our belief in the healing power of Mother Nature.

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      • Best Green Life Co., Ltd.
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      • Sterilized Electrolytic Water Generator

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      • Korean Premium Bamboo_ Onion_ Garlic_ Salicomia Salt

        Korean Premium Bamboo/ Onion/ Garlic/ Salicomia Salt

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        Oscar Single Gear Juicer

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        Single screw juicer

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