Clavis Energetic Bracelet Pain Relief Effect Indonesia Edition

Clavis Energetic Bracelet Pain Relief Effect

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Clavis Energetic
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South Korea South Korea / 2014
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Product name Clavis Energetic Bracelet Pain Relief Effect Indonesia Edition Certification -
Category Bracelets & Bangles
Other Jewelry
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Clavis Energetic Bracelet Pain Relief Effect of Magnet Therapy





PREMIUM JEWELRY DESIGN combines health care features and is recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) for excellent quality.


EASING MUSCLE PAIN EFFECT: This is a product to radiate the far-infrared radiation and magnetic field, which has the easing muscle pain affect the permanent magnet.


3-TYPES ENERGY: As main ingredients, the magnetic field from the permanent magnet and Tourmaline, They make it to release out 3-Types Energy such as far-infrared radiation, magnetic field, anion.


COMPLETED HEAVY METALS TEST for silicon bands: Yield for nickel/8-Types heavy metals test/6-Types plasticizer test







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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2014
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Beyongdon Jang
A 610,1 26, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Other Jewelry
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Company introduction


Clavis Bonito braceletSeries 10 colors








K-POPStar Wanna One Pick!


Ongsungwooand Parkjihoon of Wanna One chose Clavis Bonito bracelets as their fashionaccessories.


Beyoung and stylish with Clavis Bonito bracelets!




ClavisBonito Bracelet is composed of:


-Trendy&Vivid design : 10 colors including special 2 colors, Neon Yellow andNeon Orange.


-Safe certification : Completed 6-types plasticizer test also, 8-kindsheavy metals tests
- Waterproof : Easy to remove dirt, it can bewashed in water and reused once dry.


- Wearable fit : you can adjust its size easily with thestopper.




Model Number : KS-114


Size : 225mm x 14mm


Weight&Volume : 11g per each bracelet


Component:(1)Decoration : stainless steel


                 (2)Band : silicon


ManufacturingCountry: South Korea


Paymentterms :T/T, L/C, KOPS


Deliveryterms: FOB South Korea(Negotiable)









Clavis Energetic Health bracelet_ 2 Colors Black&White




[Product Description]




It relieves and eases muscle pain of your wrist by the magnetic field ofthe permanent magnet chip, helping you to feel much better.




Clovis Energetic Bracelets arecomposed of:


The permanent magneticchip is made from the highest quality Neodymium and Toreumallin powder. Thesecompounds release three different types of energy. These are far infraredradiation, magnet fields and anion all at the same time. Together these assistblood circulation and relieve any muscle pain in the wrist


- Only high quality, Neodymium, Toreumallin powder : the permanent magnet chipmade of Neodymium and Toreumallin powder release 3-types different energy suchas the far-infrared radiation, magnetic field and anion at the same time. Theyhelp your blood circulation and relieve, ease the muscle pain of your wrist.




- Safe certification : Completed 6-types plasticizer test also,8-kinds heavy metals tests


- Patented commercial articles


- Exclusive design : silicon body, onyx and stainless steel decoration asa luxurious jewel or fancy watch.


- Easy to remove dirt: Can be washed in water and reused once dry


- Wearable fit : you can adjust its size easily with the stopper.


Model Number : KS-101M, KS-101F


              (KS-101M is for men, KS-101F is for women


Size : Based on the overwrist,


KS-101M is 18cm to 24cm, KS-101F is 16cmto 22cm


Permanent magnet chip size/quantity : 6mm per each the chip, 12 pieces.


Component : (1)Decoration :stainless steel, onyx


                      (2)Body : silicon


                      (3)Chip : neodymium, toreumallin powder,synthetic resins, stainless steel.


Manufacturing Country : South Korea


Payment terms : T/T, L/C, KOPS

Deliveryterms : FOB South Korea(Negotiable) 









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