A+CheQ COVID-19 High-Speed RT-qPCR Detection Kit

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A+CheQ COVID-19 High-Speed RT-qPCR Detection Kit
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Medical Test Kit

2 AMSBIO Co., Ltd.

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    <A+CheQ COVID-19 High-Speed RT-qPCR Detection Kit>

    - 100 tests/ Kit

    - Storage : -24c~ -18c

    - Sample to result : 52min

    - 3-plex Multiplex

    - Clinical Sensitivity : 100%

    - Clinical Specificity : 100%


    1. Fastest COVID-19 Detection Kit

      - PCR: 29min(minium detection time)

      - Within 1 hour from Specimen extraction to diagnosis results


    2. 100% Accuracy diagnosis

      - Clinical Evalution Study(KFDA)

      - Sensitivity : 100%

      - Specificity : 100%


    3. High Compatibility

      - Compatible with various Real-Time PCR Equipment


    4. Establishment of the largest production facility in Korea

     - 2,000Kit(minium) can be produced per day



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    2 AMSBIO Co., Ltd.

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      • A_CheQ COVID_19 High_Speed RT_qPCR Detection Kit

        A+CheQ COVID-19 High-Speed RT-qPCR Detection Kit

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