Medical Emergency Patient Monitor 15.6inch BT780

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multi parameter patient monitor, patient monitor,
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14 Inter-Kor Inc.

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    Patient Monitor BT780

    15.6" Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

    Color TFT touch screen

    ECG, Resp., SpO2, NIBP, Temperature Optional CO2, IBP, Multi-gas, C.O., Masimo SpO2

    Precise ECG measurement with pacemaker detection

    ST segment and 16 types of arrhythmia analysis

    Double overpressure protection for NIBP

    Intelligent cuff inflation pressure djustment

    Smart HooK/Stand design

    Provide multiple placement modes plug & Play Modular printer

    Multi configuration

    Central station

    Ultra slim design

    Over 5 hours battery use


    Origin : Made in Korea




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    14 Inter-Kor Inc.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      110-204, Deoksan-ro 39,, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Dental Camera,Dental X-Ray Equipment,Fetal Heart Monitor,X-Ray Equipment,Other Surgical Equipment

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      Greetings :


      We, Inter-Kor,Inc, was established in 1993 dealing with security products such as CCTV, etc. However, we found more business opportunities on the medical market in the year, 2000 and now we have become one of specialized suppliers in Korea under good reputation for Medical Equipment,Dental instrument and Aesthetics products, etc. 


      What we are proud of most is returning customers are getting increased,apart from our bigger sales volume, by not only keeping in touch with the latest market trends and demands,but also by developing constantly new and innovative products.


      Our capability for constant changes and quick product adaptation allows us to buildup an enviable reputation among international customers. We are ready to grow up together with full of confidence of better product quality, longer warranty service and easier payment condition.


      We are committed to doing our best for mutual business growth and always welcome your inquirieson our products.


      Thank you.






      K.Kim (Mr)





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