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    Product name Window type Air Conditioner Certification -
    Category Air Conditioners Ingredients -
    Keyword ac , aircon , cool Unit Size 330.0 * 855.0 * 277.0 mm
    Brand name PASECO Unit Weigh 22 kg
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 84151020
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    With summer quickly approaching, you may be looking for a way to beat the heat before your energy bills skyrocket. Most people have a central air conditioner in their home, but thats not always the most affordable option. Which is why we wanted to highlight one another types of air conditioning that is often overlooked  PASECO Window Air Conditioner.


          1) Low Cost

          2) Extremely Energy Efficient

          3) Easy to Install (DIY)

          4) Doesnt Take Up Floor Space

          5) Great for Supplemental Cooling

          6) Portable-ish

          7) Self-evaporating system

          8) Can Be Used in Many Places

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    14 PASECO

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      South Korea South Korea
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      YOO, IL-HAN

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      Toliets & Bidets,Electric Heaters,Cooktops

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      We are one of the leading manufacturers from Korea for Heaters and wide range of home appliances. We would like to establish the long-term business relationship with a promising partner in your own territory. We are pursuing customer satisfaction in both B2B and B2C business, via quality management, engineering flexility, product differentiation, and specialty products. Our product range covers Heaters, Gas Hobs, Ceramic(Electric) Hobs, Wall Ovens, Dishwashers, Counter-top compact dishwashers, Dish dry & sterilizers, Specialty Fridges such as Drawer Fridges, Wine Cellers, Rice Coolers, Sidedish Fridges, and Wall-mount Mini-fridges, Lift-up doors, Chopping-board/Dishcloth and Knife dry & sterilizers, Water filters, Food waste decomposer, Food waste dehydrator, Electronic Bidets, Air Cleaners, TV phones, Radio phones, etc. For more info, please surf our website www.paseco.com and our webhard: http://paseco.webhard.co.kr/english ID: export, Password: 5652 As a corportate on KOSDAQ, detailed information is posted on the web. Aiming the world class quality and specialized customer benefits, we don't sell the cheap price only, but we do sell our own confidence on technology, quality, features, differentiations, better materials, long-term relationship and collaboration for for mutual growth. We wish you found the product from above websites to leverage your business growth in any business format. For any specific question or interest, please feel free to contact us.

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    • Factory Information
      • PASECO CO., LTD ,
      • PASECO CO., LTD
    • Main Product
      • Window type Air Conditioner

        Window type Air Conditioner

      • Commercial GAS FRYER

        Commercial GAS FRYER

      • 5500

        Electronic Toilet Bidet Seat (PB-X5500)

      • 2500

        Electronic Toilet Bidet Seat (PB-X2500)

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      Digital inverter Window Air Conditioner.pdf

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