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2 MIHO Biztech CO.,Ltd

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    Category Breast Care Ingredients -
    Keyword breast enhancer , breast massager , breast volume up , breast elasicity up Unit Size 45.0 * 25.0 * 11.0 cm
    Brand name VITALBRA Unit Weigh 2 kg
    origin South Korea Stock 1000
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    ○ The Vitalbra Breast Massage Device is a home massage device for women who have lost their firmness and volume by improving and caring for the breasts to help them again become healthy and beautiful. This is accomplished through repeated 3-step massage using negative pressure (VACUUM PRESSURE) that pulls and relaxes the tissue alongside a stimulating massage of 3 types of low-frequency electrical stimuli (TENS).

    ○ This product is certified to be an authentic product that is manufactured through the strictest quality control as required by ISO9001 (SMI-1850Q), KC Certification (R-R-mhb-VITAL1), and the breast shaping machine patent (No. 10-165335) obtained by Miho BizTech Corp.

    ○ This certificate is required for the quality assurance and after-sales service of the product, so please store it for future use.

    ○ Thank you for purchasing the Vitalbra Breast Massage Device.


    ○ This is an authentic product of Miho BizTech that has been patented and holds a KC electromagnetic wave compatibility certificate.

    - The Vitalbra Breast Massage Device is an authentic product of Miho BizTech Corp., which obtained a multifunctional breast shaping machine patent (No. 10-165335) and the KC Electromagnetic Wave Compatibility Certificate (R-R-mhb-VITAL1), and it has been exported to Japan, China, and Vietnam.


    ○ Vitalbra Breast Massage Device (the only breast massage device that uses negative pressure and low frequency simultaneously)

    Vitalbra expands and increases the cellular tissues of the breast with soft physical power based on biorhythms, and it is a breast massage device that returns the “real you” that has been hidden inside; it is different from pads, shapewear, and breast surgeries using implants.


    ○ Who would benefit from Vitalbra?

    Those who require special care for a special occasion

    Those who feel suffocated when wearing shapewear

    Those who are concerned about losing fat only from their breasts during a diet

    Those who lost their body’s firmness after giving birth

    Those who want a stunning summer body


    ○ Double protective layer and natural silicone that are patented. Be assured of the safety!

    Preventing issues with natural silicone

    The parts that come into contact with the breasts are made of natural silicone to prevent skin troubles. The flexible material provides you with a comfortable feeling during wear.

    Lightness that is okay when it’s worn for a long time

    The compact size is comfortable also for thin body types. The weight is only 380g, which is okay to be worn for a long time.


    ○ When applying the low pressure massage through the patented, thin, silicone protective layer that’s only 0.8mm thick, breast pain and nipple enlargement are prevented and volume satisfaction is increased as fat surrounding the breasts is pulled towards the breasts. Also, the pressure is evenly distributed for creating a more beautiful shape.


    ○ KC Electrical Appliance Safety Certification – This product is a safe product with its quality certified through an electrical appliance safety certification following the Electrical Appliances Safety Control Act.

    ○ Volume UP! Self-confidence UP!

    The Vitalbra Breast Massage Device is effective for relaxing tensed breasts by using negative pressure (VACCUM) and low frequency (TENS) simultaneously while healthily and beautifully caring for your breasts as it can assist with breast volume and firmness improvements.


    ○ Vitalbra Overall Components

    Massage Dome, Controller, Ultrasound Gel, Low Frequency Pad, 5-pin Cable, User Guide, Authenticity Certificate


    ○ How to Use the Vitalbra

    Apply the gel evenly on the black, electrically conductive pads on the back of the product (the area that comes into contact with the breasts) and also on the outer area of the product where it touches the breasts.

    Press the power button (POWER) and the pressure button (VACCUM) 3 times for the pressure to be at its maximum level.

    Hold the product with both hands and lean over to ensure it fully contacts with the breasts. Adjust the negative pressure to your desired level and use the function you want.

    Wipe the product with a wet tissue or microfiber cloth after use and allow it to dry before storage.


    ○ How to Use the Controller

    - Power Button (POWER)

    The product starts to operate when this button is pressed once and when it is pressed once more, the product is turned off after 8 seconds.

    - Pressure Button (VACUUM)

    The pressure button that pulls the breasts is set at the light level when pressed once, the medium level when pressed twice, the maximum level when it is pressed three times, and this is repeated from light to maximum when it is pressed four times.

    - Low Frequency Button (TENS)

    The low frequency button for the massage is set at a light tapping when it is pressed once, rubbing when it is pressed twice, massaging when it is pressed three times, and rotation through each function when it is pressed four times.

    - Low Frequency Button Control Button (UP, DOWN)

    This is a button for adjusting the strength of the 16 steps of low frequency and it only functions under the low frequency (TENS) function.



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    2 MIHO Biztech CO.,Ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      62 Daehak-ro Dong-gu Daejeon, Dong-gu, Daejeon, Korea

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      Miho Biztech Co., Ltd. is part of a solution by focusing on the discomfort, fear, and economic burden of having to wear silicone implants or something thick in a bra at the end due to the stress of breast dwarfism, one of the concerns of women around the world who dream of beauty . All women have applied for a patent for a double silicone safety net designed to significantly reduce skin troubles and nipple swelling, which are the shortcomings of existing products by fusion of the VACUUM PRESSURE function already verified by the US FDA and the TENS low frequency function.

      It is a company that is actively promoting export and domestic distribution by manufacturing a multifunctional chest massager so that you can maintain a healthy and beautiful breast without the burden of comfort, safety, and economy in this home.

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