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    Chemical Machinery
    Pharmaceutical Machinery
    Mining Machinery
    Food & Beverage Machinery Parts
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    Turbowin is a Korean manufacturer that develops turbo technologies including turbo blowers, turbo compressors and micro turbo compressors. Establish in 2015, Turbowin provide energy efficient and reliable air solutions throughout the world, benefiting more than 2 billion people in 70 different countries. With the world's top innovators and experts in turbomachinery, Turbowin expands the horizon of next-generation environmental industry with eco-friendly technology including air foil bearing. 

    WL Series is Turbowin's centrifugal, air foil bearing type turbo blower. With its upgraded design of air foil bearing type turbo blowers, Turbowin releases one of the most efficient zero-oil turbo blowers in the market in all aspects. Paired with the highest efficiency up to 57.5%, the WL Series proves to be the most reliable turbo blower ranging from 10 to 1,000 HP, a wide solution that cannot be replic.ated by others.




    Core Technology

    Since the establishment in 2015 Turbowin has been constantly developing and designing turbo technology, re-shaping the concept of turbo blower. Turbowin has been accelerating investment to facilitate further development and commercialization of eco-friendly turbo technology as well as expansion of new product offering. 


    Highly Efficient Permanent Magnet Motor 

    Turbowin's ultra-high efficient permanent magnet motor guarantees over 95% of motor efficiency. This is based on experience of experts and engineers who have been developing high-speed motors for over 20 years. Come and experience the advanced ultra-high-speed motor ranging from 20,000 to 150,000 RPM with Turbowin.


    Dual Cooling System 

    A simple but intricate design of Turbowin’s dual air-cooling system provides customers with a stable and efficient user experience, with motor temperature lower than 10 degrees Celsius compared to that of other products in the market. This directly relates to product efficiency which has always been the main focus of Turbowin’s development.


    Air Foil Bearing 

    No Bending & No Welding Air Foil Bearing (NBW) is one of Turbowin’s core technologies. It has done more than 150,000 on/off tests and can guarantee up to 100,000 on/off tests. This requires no oil supply, no oil filter, nor additional cooler which is required in other brand’s products. 


    Thanks to this technology our WL Series can guarantee a minimum of 100,000 start/stop warranty. No lubrication process is crucial in regards of application such as semiconductor, petrochemical and food & beverage industries where the supplied air should always be in clean level with zero contamination.


    High Performance Impeller 

    Turbowin’s supersonic impeller does not tolerate any errors of up to 0.001mm, ensuring reliable performance and high quality through hard anodizing coating. The compressor system is designed to be directly connected to the rotor without any coupling, resulting in zero efficiency loss while maintaining structural stability and balance altogether.


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    2 Turbowin Co.,Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kim Min Soo

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      216, Osongsaengmyeong 9-road, Osong-town, , Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

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      Chemical & Pharmaceutical Machinery,Food & Beverage Machinery,Textile Machinery,Water Treatment,Energy Saving Equipment & Parts

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    • Company introduction

      Turbo technology was considered'Unstable' prior to the appearance of Turbowin. Many companies purchasedexpensive turbo products, but within few months they easily became out of orderstatus with poor customer services. But, Turbowin, a professional globalleading company that concentrates solely on R&D and manufacturing of turbotechnology, launched turbo blower(WL Series), turbo compressor(WH Series),micro turbo compressor(WF Series) and micro turboblower(WM Series) in theglobal market, and the game has changed ever since. Turbowin providesunbelievable energy-efficient and reliable air solutions up to57.4%energy-saving efficiency, benefiting more than 2 billion people in 70different countries. Especially in areas with high electricity bills or withunstable power supply, Turbowin's products have incredible ROI and aresuper-effective. For this reason, Turbowin has its reputable endusers such as Samsung, LG, SK, Hyungdai, Posco, GS,Hanwha, Michelin,GM, AUO, Formosa, BOE, TSMC, Oura,IWK, CSD, Kolao,etc. There may beusers who have never used Turbowin products before, but no one has everused Turbowin products just once. Turbowin strives to expand thehorizon of next-generation environmental industry withover 50 global patentsand certificates, having a competitive edge over others. Turbowin launchedits newest IoT based model of Smart blowers & compressors (WL-i&WH-iSeries), enhancing customer convenience, product stability andenergy-saving efficiency that will shock the world once again.

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      • Turbowin Co., Ltd.
    • Main Product
      • Turbowin Turbo Blower (WL Series)

        Turbowin Turbo Blower (WL Series)

      • Turbowin Turbo Compressor _WH Series_

        Turbowin Turbo Compressor (WH Series)

      • Turbowin Micro Turbo Compressor _WF Series_

        Turbowin Micro Turbo Compressor (WF Series)

      • Turbowin Micro Turbo Blower _WM Series_

        Turbowin Micro Turbo Blower (WM Series)

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