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    Product name ShowerFree Best Baby, Dog Washing Filtering Shower Head Certification -
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    Keyword shower head , baby wash , handheld shower head , shower filter Unit Size 8.5 * 5.0 * 25.0 cm
    Brand name ShowerFree Unit Weigh 241 g
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    Supply type - HS code 392290
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    About Product

    FIRST OF ITS KIND – All-In-One handheld shower head with Patented ShowerFree holder gives you, your family and your pets a whole new experience. It is ALREADY PROVEN SUCCESSFUL in South Korea.



    • ONE SECOND RELOCATABLE HOLDER – Enjoy HANDS-FREE, ShowerFree Handheld Shower Head Holder Suction, which can be put on a shower head, allows you to hold the shower head ANYWHERE like wall, bathtub, mirror at any desired height and RELOCATE it anywhere in ONE SECOND. Extremely helpful for senior, kid showering and GIVING YOUR BABY and DOG a BATH. The silicon is made of very HIGH-QUALITY silicon in South Korea, harmless to human body. No tools required to install
    • HIGH WATER PRESSURE, WATER SAVING – Through its 280 micro outlet holes, it performs intensely powerful water spray shooting against low pressure water pipe with30% water saving
    • BUILT-IN WATER FILTERING SYSTEM – Two of ShowerFree replaceable water filters, which remove rust and impurities of water and improves the condition of your skin and hair, are built in the shower head. ShowerFree filter is made of HIGH-QUALITY material, used in WATER PURIFIERS, in South Korea. its filtering performance is officially tested in South Korea. TWO FILTERS ARE ALREADY BUILT IN THE SHOWER HEAD
    • ON/OFF PAUSE SWITCH – The ON/OFF pause switch on the shower head removes the need of reaching to the valve to control when the shower head is held far from the valve while giving your pet or baby a bath
    • 60 DEGREE ADJUSTABLE / 360 DEGREE ROTATABLE HEAD - The shower head is 60 degree adjustable to side, up and down and 360 degree rotatable. Maximize its usage with the ShowerFree holder
    • GENERATING NATURAL NEGATIVE IONS - Its natural negative ions will help relieving your stress and fatigue


    Certification, Test

    • Shower Head and Holder - ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Certification
    • Holder - Certification of design and patent in South Korea
    • Holder - PCT Patented
    • Holder - SGS Silicon Material Contamination Test
    • Holder - KTR Finished Product Contamination Test
    • Shower Head - KTR Finished Product Contamination Test
    • Shower Head - KIFA Producing Negative Ions Test
    • Shower Filter - FITI PP Material Contamination Test
    • Shower Filter - KTR PP Material Contamination Test
    • Shower Filter - KTR Filtering Suspended Solid Test
    • Shower Filter - KTR Filtering E.Coil, Pseudomonas Test


    Package Included

    • ShowerFree Handheld Shower Head - Chrome color or White color
    • ShowerFree Shower Silicon Holder - White color 
    • Two ShowerFree Filters built in the shower head




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    2 Handy Bro Co.,Ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kim Geun Hyeong

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      37 Samjak-ro 171beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      We are a start-up company who has never been afraid of challenging.
      With our customer's support, we have been growing rapidly and expanding our business into the global market.

      With our vision, "HandyBro exists to provide our customers with innovative and creative products",
      we will always put ourselves in customer's shoes first.



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