ShowerFree Vitamin Shower Filter - Healing Skin Problems

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    Product name ShowerFree Vitamin Shower Filter - Healing Skin Problems Certification -
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    Keyword water filter , bathroom accessory , shower filter , shower accessory Unit Size 4.5 * 4.5 * 14.5 cm
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    About Our Product

    KingsTamin(King's + Vitamin) = ShowerFree's Vitamin Shower Filter will make your daily life in bathroom a lot more refreshing!  



    • HIGH CONCENTRATION OF THE U.K. VITAMIN C - Pure high concentrated vitagel contains more than 700 lemons. It removes residual chlorine, which causes skin problems, coming through the aged underground pipe.
    • SNAIL SLIME - Known as one of the best elements improving skin elasticty and anti-aging. It stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin to improve skin elasticity and hydration
    • ACACIA HONEY - Helps improve immunitiyand heal skin problems, eczemas and cancer
    • TREHALOSE OF CACTUS - A type of sugar that has water-binding properties and helps keep the skin hydrated
    • MILK POWDER - Helps moisturize and hydrating skin
    • 3 TYPES OF SCENT - KingsTamin's 3 Variation of fresh scent, Lemon / Rose / Lavender, will fill your bathroom with refreshing scent
    • BEST COMBINATION - Maximize its usage with ShowerFree One Second Handheld Shower Head


    Certification, Test

    • KTR Filtering Chlorine Test
    • KTR Filtering E.Coil, Pseudomonas, Chlorine Test
    • KTR Filtering Four Heavy Metal Test
    • SISA Awarded Product Certification
    • Korea Water Institute - Filtering Chlorine Test


    Package Included

    • ShowerFree KingsTamin - Lemon or Rose or Lavender



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    2 Handy Bro Co.,Ltd

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      With our vision, "HandyBro exists to provide our customers with innovative and creative products",
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        ShowerFree Vitamin Shower Filter - Healing Skin Problems

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