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    Danaum Vitamin D has been selected as the most trusted vitamin by consumers in 2016 and 2017 in Korea.


    It is composed of 500iu of baby D-drops for children, 1000iu vitamin Dfor growing children, 2000iu for youth vitality, and 5000iu for adult and pregnant women. Danaum vitamin Dis recommended to select the content according to your needs.


    Danaum Vitamin D is an orange-flavored vitamin that can be chewed without water, and is made into a soft capsule that is easy to absorb.


    It is great and recommended for older people, menopausal women, growing children, adolescents who need strong bone structures, those who want help in reducing the risk of osteoporosis, those who need vitality and energy in daily life, office workers who work indoors a lot, and students who are lack of outdoor activities for poor supply of vitamin D, nursing mothers and anyone who are lack of vitamin D.(Contents: 280 mg X 60 capsules (16.8 g) X 2 bottles-for 120 days)


    In addition, it is a soft capsule formulation that considered the absorption rate, and it is made with the best raw materials and quality as delicious vitamins that can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages. We are confident in our quality by using premium raw materials from Swiss DSM that have gone through thorough quality and hygiene control.



    All ingredients of Danaum Vitamin D, real-name raw materials can be checked with your own eyes.


    The main ingredients are as follows, and the country of origin of each ingredient is marked for easy identification, and it is a safe vitamin that can be eaten with confidence by anyone of all ages.


    Vitamin D3 (Switzerland)


    Beeswax (Germany), sunflower oil (Australia or Spain or Argentina) Soybean lecithin (USA)


    Citric acid (Austria), DL-Apple (domestic)


    Erythritol (U.S.), enzyme-treated stevia (domestic)

    Flavoring agent

    Lemon flavor powder (domestic), Jeju citrus fruit juice powder (domestic), Orange flavor powder (domestic), Orange flavor oil (domestic)


    Gelatin (domestic), glycerin (domestic), corn starch (Australia), enzyme-treated stevia (domestic tropical fruit mix flavor powder (domestic), annatto pigment (domestic))

    Excipients, sweeteners, acidulants, capsules, flavoring agents, and acidulants are sub-materials.


    Chew one tablet a day and take it after meals.


    Vitamin d 5000iu - Basic information


    Nutritional information




    16.8 g [280 mg X 60 chewable soft capsules] X 2 bottles for a total of 120 days



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      Naum Care Corp. started business as a subsidiary of Nippon Sigmax Co., Ltd of Japan under the name of “Korea Sigmax Co., Ltd.”in 1993. We have enlarged our business as an authorized dealer of Paul Hartmann AG, Nippon Sigmax Co., Ltd and the Hygenic Corp. Since then, the products range is extended to not only medical goods but sports & fitness products as well. New company name, Naum Care Corp, was established in March 2005, as an independent corporation from Nippon Sigmax. We import and export health care & sanitary goods, medical & rehabilitation products, and Vitamins to the hospitals, pharmacies, sports field and to the end users who need a care as well. We are the one who play the central role as one of the leading companies in the field of Health Care business. Our vision is to introduce and supply quality goods from world-wide and contribute healthy lives for the people all the time.

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