Anti Air Dust Cover, Face Shield Unisex Mouth Cover

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face cover, face mask, protective cover, face protection,
Face Shield

2 AllBioNeeds Corp.

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    South Korea South Korea

    Product name Anti Air Dust Cover, Face Shield Unisex Mouth Cover Certification -
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    Keyword face cover , face mask , protective cover , face protection Unit Size 0.0 * 315.0 * 220.0 mm
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    • High-density polyethylene casing, which prevents chemicals, saliva droplets, and paints from splashing into the eyes. This protects your eyes and face well.
    • Safe and comfortable, the full face protective cap provides more comprehensive coverage and protects the face from saliva flying into the air.
    • Face / shield visor can be easily cleaned with water or disinfectant. Ultimate sun protection, scratch resistance, blocking more than 98% of harmful air.




    A protective face shield that completely covers the face or around the face, which prevents objects from colliding, dust and chemicals from popping up.

    Made in Korea, and only used harmless materials for the human body.




    (Anti-fog, UV Protection)


    Usage face shield

    Film size

    Length : 315mm(±10mm)

    Width  : 220mm(±2mm)

    Strap Size

    Length : 310mm(±10mm)

    Width  : 15mm(±2mm)

  • Packing 200ea per carton
  • Packaging Size 49 x 37 x 49.5  (cm)
  • Package Weight 8.3   (kg)


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    2 AllBioNeeds Corp.

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