Gold medal Laver Roasted Seasoned Seaweed Olive Laver Snack

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South Korea
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Gold medal Laver Roasted Seasoned Seaweed Olive Laver Snack
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korea dried seasoned seaweed laver, flake healthy snack organic olive, original oem highquality picnic, child's nutritious,


Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2003
Business type
Product name Gold medal Laver Roasted Seasoned Seaweed Olive Laver Snack Certification -
Category Seaweed Ingredients -
Keyword korea dried seasoned seaweed laver , flake healthy snack organic olive , original oem highquality picnic , child's nutritious Unit Size 170.0 * 70.0 * 225.0 mm
Brand name Gold medal Laver Roasted Seasoned Seaweed Olive Laver Snack Unit Weigh 50 g
origin South Korea Stock -
Supply type - HS code 200899

Product Information

'Gold Medal Laver' is a promise to customers that they will always provide the best quality products that are safe.
>>>A promise with a customer
*First : Customer health will be the top priority
**Second : We will repay our customers by producing and supplying the best quality products.
***Third : We will repay you with a good price compared to the product by improving productivity.

***Gold Medal Laver, who puts top priority on customer health, is special from raw materials...
Using top-quality raw materials collected from the clean sea of South Korea. The laver is thin and soft. And contains an original flavor.

***a child's nutritious snack...
This nutritious product uses Dolgim (laver growing on underwater rocks) that is fan-fried with olive oil. Or It is possible to be used in various ways, such as snacks, side dishes and can used to make rice ball.

***nutritious balance of sea vegetables...
Seaweed contains rich minerals, such as iodide. potassium and calcium, which may be difficult to be found in land plants. These minerals can provide nutrition for children during their growth period.

***Use convenient zipper pack...
A zipper package is used for easy storage, so it can be taken along anywhere and anytime - on an outing or at home.

***South Korea sea has good growth conditions for laver...
- South Korea's southwest coast is formed by vast mudflats.
- Fresh and seawater flowing from the Geumgang, Yeongsan and Seomjingang rivers meet and steam grows Form good conditions.
- The difference between the tide and the ebb tide is so great that it is a good condition for soft laver to grow.
- South Korea is a good condition for seaweed growth as it can get sunshine for a long time with clear weather.


-SIZE : 50 g / pack     -规格:50克 / 封

-In Box : 20 pack       -箱子里:20 封入

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2003
Business type
103 Yeomjeon-ro, Nam-gu, Incheon, Korea
Product Category
Year Established
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Company introduction

Our company specializes in the production, distribution, and sale of laver products under the brand name of Geum Medal Gim (meaning Gold Medal Laver) home and abroad.  It aims to achieve its final goal of providing satisfaction to customers with products; that is why it does its best in carefully selecting top quality raw materials and producing good products.  It will continue to make efforts to grow its “Geum Medal Gim” into a leading brand in the industry.


Under the premise that any food company that seeks profits only is unable to survive in the 21th century, the company approaches its customers with best quality products and at reasonable prices in its quest to fulfill its missions, which include the following:


First, to become a company that places the health of customers before anything else;

Second, to become a company that produces products of top quality;

Third, the prices shall be fair and reasonable.


Striving to accomplish these goals, we, all the employees of Songwha Food, will give top priority to the health of customer and make endeavors to produce high quality products that our customers have full trust in and look for at all times, thereby making growth together with them.


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Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)

South Korea South Korea

Viet Nam Viet Nam

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