Interlucy, Laser Hyperthermic treatment, Smart health care, body shaping

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laser treatment, fat burning device, beauty & personal care, skin & scalp care products,
Laser Beauty Equipment

3 Emma Healthcare Co., Ltd.

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    Product name Interlucy, Laser Hyperthermic treatment, Smart health care, body shaping Certification CE
    Category Laser Beauty Equipment Ingredients -
    Keyword laser treatment , fat burning device , beauty & personal care , skin & scalp care products Unit Size 675.0 * 1400.0 * 540.0 mm
    Brand name Interlucy Unit Weigh 98 kg
    origin South Korea Stock 2
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    [Product Description]
    · InterLucy
    - Non-invasive fat dissolving device Laser can reduce waist circumference in obese patients with BMI less than 30(kg/m²).
    · Hyperthermic treatment, which elevates the temperature of the cells to 42~47˚C,
    induces apoptosis throught stimulation of the adipose cell layer, resulting in an immune response that breaks down fat cells.
    · Non-Invasive Procedure
    - Non-invasive laser irradiation eliminates the need for anesthesia.
    · cooling system
    - During laser irradiation, handpiece cooling water is circulated to control the temperature rise of the contact part.
    · Automatic UV sterilization for hand pieces
    - Sterilization function activates for the next treatment Keep all hand-pieces as likely new one.
    - Certification: CE 
    [Product Features]
    · Size : 540x675x1400mm(With umbilical arm)
    · Wavelength : 106nm diode
    · Pulse width : CW
    · Power output : 230VAC (2amp ciruit required)
    · Weight : 98kg
    · Hand-piece : 4ea

















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    3 Emma Healthcare Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Ryang Hee Sohn

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      Yatap-ro 205beon-gil,#329 / 26, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Other Beauty Equipment

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    • Company introduction

      Emma Healthcare Co., Ltd. is a medicalengineering company founded in the second half of 2017, starting with the firstprize of the next-generation medical device start-up competition.

      Our company was selected as First Penguin in2019 as an excellent startup recognition program for creativity and technology.


      To date, we have successfully planned andcommercialized two products.

      The first is PlaLucy, a personal plasma skincare device based on soft cold plasma technology. Unlike the existing singlefunction products, it implements galvanic and vibration mode, and theapplication of patented ozone filtering system to reduce ozone generated duringplasma generation is a great differentiation point and comparative advantagecompared to existing market products.


      The second is the 1060nm laser 'InterLucy', astate-of-the-art non-invasive type obesity management device. The obesity typemanagement laser medical device manufacturing market is expected to grow inhigh demand, which is expected to grow by more than 16.3% by 2020. We willprove our high level of technology by manufacturing specialized medical devicesthat meet the appropriate market trends. In addition, in collaboration withreliable organizations, animal testing, clinical trials, and licensingproceedings have demonstrated the most important efficacy and safety of use ofmedical devices. The treatment effect of products that meet market trends basedon our unique medical engineering technology will create a virtuous cycle forcompanies, hospitals and patients.


      All the products planned and developed haveundergone several reviews and empirical demonstrations in order to meet marketdemands. We participated in G-FAIR KOREA in 2019 and won the Best Product ofthe Year Award through our activities for pre-market research and feedbackgathering of related equipment. We also participated in the German MEDICAMedical Device Exhibition and was invited to CES 2020 hosted by Eureka Park to participatein Las Vegas, US.


      In the coming future, we will expand AI-basedhome care products not only for skin care but also for overall health care. Itwill be products that are easily available to everyone, from those that areclosely related to our lives.


      It is our mission to develop technologies forimproving quality of life and to create advanced healthcare products.


      We, Emma Healthcare Co., Ltd. will alwaysapproach our customers with products that put safety first.


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      • Australia Australia
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      • Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)
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    • Main Product
      • PLALUCY_ Smart care_ Beauty_ Cold plasma_ Galvanic

        [FDA,CE] PLALUCY, Home care Device, Bio Cold plasma, Galvanic, Ozone filtering

      • Interlucy_ Laser Hyperthermic treatment_ Smart health care_ body shaping

        Interlucy, Laser Hyperthermic treatment, Smart health care, body shaping

    • Verified Certificate CE
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      [FDA,CE] PLALUCY, Home care Device, Bio Cold plasma, Galvanic, Ozone filtering

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