ACF Water Purifier Filter (BPA Free) & Vitamin Shower Capsule Shower Head

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shower head, vitamin shower head, showerhead filter, back acne,
Other Beauty Products , Other Body Care Products , Bathroom Accessories , Bathroom Faucets

2 DailyCha-E Corporation.

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    Product name ACF Water Purifier Filter (BPA Free) & Vitamin Shower Capsule Shower Head Certification -
    Category Other Beauty Products
    Other Body Care Products
    Bathroom Accessories
    Bathroom Faucets
    Keyword shower head , vitamin shower head , showerhead filter , back acne Unit Size 12.4 * 30.5 * 5.3 cm
    Brand name DailyCha-E Unit Weigh 330 g
    origin South Korea Stock 10000
    Supply type OEM,Available HS code 842121
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    1) YOU DESERVE CLEAN WATER : It's difficult to receive clean water, even with new pipes. Therefore, our showerhead (with the addition of our unique Daily Cha-E ACF Filter, sold separately) can potentially remove up to 98% of lead from your tap water.



    You will feel the difference with our clear and simple design. Our sprinkler head is specifically designed with microhole technology which increases water pressure, but also help save you water and money.(*exquisite sprinkler with 318 Holes on the head surface to soften water and improve water pressure)



    Compatible with Vitapresso vitamin shower capsule. Choose accordingly to your showering taste with various types of scents, depending on your mood and season. These filters can also eliminate residual chlorine and hazardous chemical from your tap water, thereby strengthening your scalp while softening your hair and skin.


    4) EASY TO INSTALL: International standard size shower hose and socket, simple to assemble from the parts to filter




    • GET HEALTHY FROM FILTERS : Every filters are from the most cleanest filter company in Korea. These filters can eliminate residual chlorine and smell, trace heavy metal, chemical byproducts. We have 4 steps of filtering. Ultra fine removal to 5 micro
    • Water-Saving
    • BPA-free material(by SGS)
    • KC certification
    • WE ALL WANT CLEAN WATER AND HERE'S THE SOLUTION! : It's impossible to get clean water even in new pipes in new town. So, we made this for your new daily clean shower. This can remove 98.14% of lead from tap water.
    • WELL-MADE AND SAFE DESIGN EXPERIENCE : Did you feel the difference? Clear simple design with Wide 92mm Sprinkler head designed precisely ; every micro holes increase your water pressure, Saving your water and money. Also, It's BPA, PVC, phthalate Free
    • MIX YOUR FILTERS : Let's choose according to your taste! Vitapresso have various types of scents.(It can change with season and temperature) These filters eliminates residual chlorine and Hazardous substances in tap water as instantaneous reduction method also helps your skin and hair more softer and stronger
    • COMFORTABLE WITH EVERYTHING : International standard size shower hose socket, very easy to install, take to pieces, change filters


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    2 DailyCha-E Corporation.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kim Kyung Hwan

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      Hwangsaeul-ro, 234, 703, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Other Bath Supplies,Bathroom Faucets

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      We are DailyCha-E.

      'Cha-E' means 'difference' in Korean.

      Our product can make a positive difference (Cha-E!) by promoting good health.


      We were concerned about how we could make a better life.

      "Where does the 'Cha-E(difference)' come from?"


      After careful consideration, we made our own product: daily use Showerhead.

      Our Showerhead is appropriate for all ages like your parents, husband or wife, kids, and even for pets.

      The whole family (0 to 100 and Pets) can use our showehead together and make a difference of value everyday.

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    • Main Product
      • DailyCha_E Antibacterial Multi Filtered Showerhead

        ACF Water Purifier Filter (BPA Free) & Vitamin Shower Capsule Shower Head

      • DailyCha_E ACF Filter _ 3_Step Filter System _3pack_

        Water purifier class ACF Filter : 3-Step Filter(3pack)

      • DailyCha_E Vitapresso Vitamin Capsule Filter _3pack_

        Vitapresso - Vitamin Shower Capsule Filter (3pack)

      • DailyCha_E Sediment Filter _3pack_

        DailyCha-E Sediment Filter (3pack)

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