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Instant Food


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    South Korea South Korea

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    You can enjoy the improved taste and texture that you can taste in instant foods by utilizing the noodle of chewing Japchae.
    Spicy seafood Japchae(210g)
    It is a premium Japchae filled with fresh seafood and spicy red pepper.
    Stir-fried Rice Cake(300g)
    Rice cake and fish cake are well mixed, and it is a sweat Korean traditional simple spicy Tteokboki.
    Instant Tteokbokki(300g)
    You can enjoy sweat Tteokbokki immediately by cooking easily in the microwave
    Japche & Tteokbokki(300g)
    This product is maded to enjoy spicy Tteokbokki and Japchae
    Kimchi stew(210g)
    It is a product that instantly freezes the fermented kimchi which are good for health.
    Radish green soup(210g)
    This product is a frozen radish greens soup and rich in dietary fiber and nutrients
    Rich soybean paste stew(210g)
    It is a Korean traditional product that boils the soybean fermented Chungkukjang with various vegetables and is rich in nutrients and digestion.
    Pollack seaweed soup(550g)
    This product is a frozen dried pollack seaweed soup, which is a product of harmony between dried pollack and seaweed.
    How to eat instant Japchae
    • Do not open the top film and please it in the microwave.
    • Please cooking product in microwave for 4 minutes 30 second.
    • After cooking the wrapper swells up like a dome, sink air pressure, and the flim falls off on its own. Then remove the top film.
    How to eat instant stew or soup
    • Please defrost in boiled water burning 5~6minutes.
    • Dissolved product in a pot Add and bring to a boil.
    • Finished food. Please enjoy it!




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      South Korea South Korea
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      Jo Songyon

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      2F 14 Techno jungang daero 2gil Yuga eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea

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      Instant Food,Instant Noodles,Instant Soup,Other Instant Food

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      Since 2005

      Seyeon Foods make efforts to improve its company value through forward-looking and efficient business activities and co-develop with all the persons concerned, and stroves to become a reliable company by performing its duties and responsibilities with sincerity.

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      • Instant Food

        Instant Food

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