Ori Chair / Floor chair(Legless chair)

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South Korea
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Ori(Duck) chair
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chair, office chair, seat,
Furniture , Other Furniture


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    South Korea South Korea

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    • KITA
    Product name Ori Chair / Floor chair(Legless chair) Certification -
    Category Furniture
    Other Furniture
    Ingredients -
    Keyword chair , office chair , seat Unit Size 460.0 * 390.0 * 470.0 mm
    Brand name Ori(Duck) chair Unit Weigh 3 kg
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 940180
    Product Information




    When not in use, backrest, with simply folded, can be stored below the table, and

    therefore the chair is excellent in ambie.nt space usability.

    Designed with a soft curve added, it is a practical chair that can be used in a variety


    of places such as conference room, reception room, entertainment space, etc.


    Features & Advantages
    Many purposes , Multi-function ,Being simple ,Receipt
    The human body engineering enemy, design
    A variety cold color prize  ,Sleeveless coat folding

    I harmonize in home office which place diverse color.
    A student, living room, bedroom, company business, meeting variously use very sour can .
    Think of user's convenience and practicolly of the design is on excellent chair .
    Polished chromium plate finish processing
    Center rod that durability excels
    Haute plating settlement
    Softly operated chair high and low control lever
    World first sleeveless coat folding system




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    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President

      Junseok, Seo

    • Address

      12-12,50-Road,Seounsanup-Ro, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, Korea

    • Product Category

      Home & Kitchen,Other Furniture,Office Chairs,Other Health Care Products,Commercial Furniture

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    • Company introduction

      TheCompany is specialized in chair developing and manufacturing and hascontinuously put on 

      researching effort with the result of 5 patent item and 7design related certification.

      Thecompany is producing the company’s unique products with 5 original brand thatdoes not 

      have competitive products.

      We have achieved all excellent certificationincluding procurement, function certification and GD


      This proves theability we have regarding both the quality and design. 

      Currently we aremanaging off-line sale to domestic public institutions, Hyundai Department, 

      Lotte highmart, AK plaza, and Kyobo Hot Tracks. 

      We are also exporting to Japan, Austrailia, Taiwan, Guam, Myanmar, andNew Zealand.


      CEO : Jun-Seok Seo



    • Main Markets
      • Australia Australia
      • Ethiopia Ethiopia
      • Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)
      • Japan Japan
      • N.Zealand N.Zealand
      • Taiwan Taiwan
    • Main Product
      • Lumbar supporting chair_Functional chair

        Lumbar supporting chair-Chair for posture correction

      • Ori_Back Chair _ Posture correction chair

        Ori-Back / Model: Basic / posture correction chair

      • Conference Chair

        Conference Chair

      • Conference chair

        Conference chair

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