Cheonggyeolwon Food, Ginger Grain Syrup 1.2kg

Cheonggyeolwon Food, Ginger Grain Syrup 1.2kg

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South Korea
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ginger, grain syrup, cheonggyeolwon food, ginger grain syrup,
Other Foods

Cheonggyeolwon Food Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2016
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Product Information

** Characteristics of Cheonggyeolwon food grain syrup products **


Give your loved ones a heartfelt tribute, and the Cheonggyeolwon food grain syrup is processed using only carefully selected domestic ingredients. It is a healthy food that does not use any 1% of chemical additives such as synthetic preservatives, flavorings and colors.

* Rice syrup with the wisdom of ancestors *

Rice syrup is a traditional dish of our ancestors who dried the rice, soaked in the water, poured the malt oil with only the top water, ferment it in a warm place, and then dried the rice and stirred it with a spatula.

* Chocheong is a traditional food that has been close to the ancestors since the old forefathers *

It is believed that the chocheong was made and eaten before the 17th century, and it was said that the prince took a handful of chocheong before studying to help the study at the Royal Court. Is this the wisdom of the ancestors who take advantage of the tidal system, which is high in sugar and low in calories and that makes it easier to digest?


Ginger is a crop that has long been used not only as food but also as a tea, as it contains ingredients that warm our bodies and help with blood circulation.

Ginger in our lives  : Our body's immunity is reduced by 30% every time the average body 1 temperature degree drops from 36.5 degrees. However, it is said that eating ginger will expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation and increase body temperature, preventing immunity from being reduced



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Cheonggyeolwon Food Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2016
Business type
Kim Seong Ju
Bokbunja-ro Buan-myeon Gochang-gun Jeonbuk, Gochang-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Other Foods
Year Established
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Company introduction

How do you do?


Cheonggyeolwon  Foods, an agricultural company thatmanufactures


and sells  healthy and good food, produce traditionalfood for herbal concentrate, herbal


grain syrup,herbal natural honey, and herbal Jam & etc through a safe manufacturing


process based oncarefully selected ingredients .


Although thecompany's history has not been long, it is directly involved in the entire


process from thecultivation of berries to production delivery with  the passion and active


mind of thestart-up business, and will be a company that provides food for consumers to


believe in and eatall the goods produced from our company. 




I appreciate it.




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