Air Sterilizer with multi-layer filter system

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14 Best Green Life Co., Ltd.

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    Product name Air Sterilizer with multi-layer filter system Certification -
    Category Air Fresheners
    Air Purifiers
    Other Cooling & Air Quality
    Air Cleaners & Parts
    Air Filter
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    Keyword air cleaner , air sterilizer , photocatalytic filter , air purifier with uv ray Unit Size 440.0 * 680.0 * 200.0 mm
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    Air Sterilizer

    ( Model: SA-500H )



     Main Features of Artificial Intelligence Air Purifier


    1. Stylish exterior design and unique product design

    This product increases dignity by adopting sensuous design that you can feel comfortable when it is used and highly glossy ABS resin with advanced materials, and creates the effect of interior decoration when put in the living room or main room by designing simple, smooth curves matching the digital-type touch type.


    2. It is quiet because of the use of the BLDC motor.

    The BLDC motor with a design for ultra-low power saving is a low-noise, continuously variable BLDC motor and can be used safely in your sleep and maintained inexpensively.


    3. Use of photocatalytic filter

    The photocatalytic filter does not adsorbs contaminated materials simply; instead, it is a state-of-the art air cleaner filter that decomposes and treats such materials absorbed by hydroxyl(-OH) and superoxide ion (O 2-) which is generated on the catalytic surface receiving light in the ultraviolet region. Photocatalyst has an outstanding effect on even hardly biodegradable VOCs, which are difficult to be treated with existing methods, and does not produce secondary contamination by-products, such as ozone.


    Multiple Filters


    It is easy to maintain, manage a system of sterilization, deodorization, and purification through one unit of multiple filters not complicated structure! Air Sterilizer adds vitality to life like survival power of a forest.


    Artificial Intelligence

    Automatic sensing mode / Turbo mode / Bedtime operation mode / Negative ion function / Melody of filter exchange


    You can see an air purity degree at a glance.

    As the indoor air purity degree sensed by an artificial intelligence sensor is displayed on VFD instrument board, it is easy to know whether there is contamination and possible to operate automatically.

    Clean air can be taken throughout the four seasons, all weathers.

    It gets rid of various kinds of bacteria propagated indoors, fine dust and harmful gas etc. in a place where is difficult to ventilate and cold weather and the like so clean air can always be taken all through the four seasons.



    Respiratory ailments can be prevented.

    You can rest assured even if play with a pet




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    14 Best Green Life Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Seong-Keun Kang

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      Rm.417, Daerung Techno Town-12, 327-32, Gasan-dong,, Geumcheon-gu,Seoul,

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    • Company introduction

      Best Green Life Co., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of home appliances and healthcare & fitnesse items and beauty devices in Korea. Since we were established in 1997, we have been supplying nothing but qualified, innovative products to our clients in around 30 countries.

      All of our staff have established a plenty of experience in their fields to show our partners the best performance in the interest of theirs.

      During our early years, we were the pioneer of the cold-pressed slow juicers to introduce to Western countries and now exporting to USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and so on.

      Our mission is to make people enjoy Mother Nature's benefits to mankinds so as to help them living not only longer, but healthier.

      Our products have been developed under this mission and will be applied with advanced technologies step by step so that more people can get Mother Nature's benefits with them more and easier.

      We will never forget why we started Best Green Life and our belief in the healing power of Mother Nature.

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      • Best Green Life Co., Ltd.
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