BHD Incubator Gold

BHD Incubator Gold

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near infrared, beauty & personal care, medical & health, beauty & health,
Beauty , Personal Care , Medical Devices , Health


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South Korea South Korea / 2017
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Category Beauty
Personal Care
Medical Devices
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Product Information


Efficacy of far-infrared ray


· It helps to exterminate germs which is cause of various disease.

· It aids regeneration of cell and tissue by extending capillary.

· If it reaches on moisture and protein molecule, it will vibrate it 2,000 times in 1 minutes to activate cell and         tissue  which will cause effect like anti-aging, accelerating metabolism, chronic fatigue recovery and prevention   of  various adult disease.

· Raising of body temperature – Extension of capillary – Active blood circulation – Pain reduction.

· Raising of body temperature – Active metabolism – Increasing of fundamental metabolism – Reducing weight effect.



Health treated by heat  

1 degree of body temperature will save our body

Did you know?

How much our body temperature is important for our health!

As we get older, there is more accumulation of waste material

than excretion of it. And also our blood circulation gets slower

which weakens temperature maintenance ability.





The disease which does not heal naturally should be treated with medicine.

The disease which does not answer from medicine should be treated with surgery.

The disease which does not cure by surgery should be treated with heat.

Father of medicine - Hippocrates -


Our body will turn on red signal even only 0.5C of body temperature is dropped.



What is "Maclite"?  

It is kind of ceramic made by roasting of mixture of germanium, elvan and illite.

It has high emission and radiant heat of far-infrared ray.



Efficacy of far-infrared ray


  When far-infrared ray emits your body, it will infiltrate skin up to 4~5cm deep which is 80 times better than normal heat. And it vibrates cells 2,000 times in 60 seconds which make cell & tissue very active.

And it spurts heat energy which excrete waste and toxic material and cause decomposition of thrombus and enhance blood circulation.





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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2017
Business type
Hwa Yeong Shin
1251 Garosu-ro Heungdeok-gu Cheongju-si Chungbuk, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Beauty,Personal Care,Medical Devices,Health
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