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    Vitality Booster pills for Men, Mantopia ! 


    Are you exhausted ? Dating with her, lacking in confidence ?


    Prime ingredients of Mantopia help to boost your energy and sexual vitality~!


    Recommended for such men


    1) Those who are lacking in energy when getting out of bed or after drinks.

    2) When you want to stay in good health while you have so little time for exercising

    3) A night with her, when you suffer from a lack of confidence.

    4) Those who are lacking in stamina.


    After having launched the product patented on eel essence, with an 

    idea on the product concept, which is "more convenient and easy-to-access"


    The ingredients good for men only are contained in the pill as they are so as to be fully absorbed to men.




    Mantopia, this is how it is born.


    1.Trying extracting the eel essence 11 times.

    2.Reporting 4 times on the production of eel essence-related product items.

    3.Consulting 21 manufacturers in Korea on pills made of powder.

    4.Making a final decision on 13 different major substances.



    What makes Mantopia different ?


    six kinds of extraordinary properties will look after men`s vitalities ! 


    1. A pill with nutritional properties contained as they are.

    2. Higher efficiency, lower price.

    3. No diluting agent, No artificial flavoring substance.

    4. Safe Mantopia

    5. Extraordinary base materials, special producing processes.

    6. Go right in your hand, in your pocket ! 




    Intriducing 13 kinds of prime base ingredients.


    Mantopia is composed of 8 kinds of prime base ingredients and Oza(Five Za`s) which are called the stamina-restorative herb medicine for Kings of Chosun Dynasty.


    1) Bisoory(Ya-gwan-moon) - The unlatched gate

     Ya-gwan-moon with a plenty of tannin and flavonoid is called a light of thousand miles as it shines thousand miles away and is also called a king of great stamina as it makes one perk up.


    2) Black Maca - Ginseng of Peru, Foods of Universe

    Black maca used in zelatinization powder 

    Maca contains 59%+ starchiness, which makes it hard to be absorbed into human



    3) L-Arginine - Source of Stamina

    one of major amino acids, is a vital ingredient that forms nitric oixde(NO)

    to get involved in the protein synthesis when is metabolizes, 

    it is an amino acid particularly high in oysters, eels and abalones that are known

    good for vitality.



    4) Eel - Eels swimming up thousands of kilometers all the way from deep ocean to river. Eel have a variety of abundant nutrients in them including mucic,

            carnosine, vitamin A,B and E, DHA and so forth


    5) Oza - includes Oxthorn, Hedge parsley, Rubus coreanum, Omija and Cuscutae semen that spellings end with the letters 'ja' in Korean.

    Oza is a supplementary food that was used to be served after each meal of the day at any cost in the royal palace of Chosun dynasty. 


    Perenniporia - parasitic sclerotium

    Cheonma - Physical fitness improvement

    Korean angelica root - Pick-me-up

    zinc oxide - A compound of oxygen and zinc



    Fill the cap 1/2(3~4g, once a day) and then ingest with water.

    One bottle of Mantopia (50g) is a 2 weeks` provision.


    [ FAQ ]


    1. When to ingest ?

    It is recommended to take 3~4g with water 30 minutes after meal per day

    to make is absorbed efficiently.


    2. How much should I ingest ?

    It is recommended to steadily ingest everyday as Mantopia is composed of the ingredients.

    that are meant for recovering your strength and supplementing vitality.

    Mantopia is not a medicine but a food made on the basis of healthy ingredients.

    It is normally takes 12 weeks for the ingredients to be adopted to human body

    and get accumulated to start creating effects. It may differ from individual to individual.


    3. Expiration date and Storage ?

    The shelf life of Mantopia is 2 years from the manufacturing date so that you have time on your side.

    Avoid the places exposed to direct lights and high temperatures and humidity.


    4. Safe product ?

    Yes, It is a safe product. Mantopia is provided to be safe by means of safety test on each ingredient as well as escherichia coli test, foreign metalic substance test.


    5. What about side effect and precautions ?

    The supplementary nutrients or vitamins should not make you discomfort when you ingest.

    The size of Mantopia pill is as small as 3.5mm so that you can comfortably ingest.


    Before taking the product, check the ingredients if you are allergic to any of them, and follow the direction for using this product including the daily amount of ingestion and the method of ingestion.


    Do not ingest the enclosed desiccating agent although it`s not harmful to human body. Stop ingesting if you experience any allergic reaction.


    6. Where is the country of origin for the basic ingredients ?

    The basic ingredients except the black maca(from Peru) which is one of major ingredients and is called Ginseng of Peru are all Korea-grown, which make you not to worry about the country of origin and freely ingest the product.


    Have energetic days with Mantopia ! 





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       Having been selling the patented eel extract, we thought it would be great if we could introduce more people in need around the world to an easier and more convenient product and developed gummy jelly.

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        Vitality Booster pills for Men, Mantopia

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