Licote, Personal Smart IVD Analyzer

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diabetes, healthcare device, well life, sefl-test,
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7 Brain Tech Co.,Ltd

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    Product name Licote, Personal Smart IVD Analyzer Certification FDA , CE
    Category Monitoring & Diagnostic Equipment Ingredients -
    Keyword diabetes , healthcare device , well life , sefl-test Unit Size 136.0 * 68.0 * 20.0 mm
    Brand name BTC-NA23 / Licote Unit Weigh 110 g
    origin South Korea Stock 100
    Supply type Available HS code 9027503000
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    Licote, the personal IVD chemical analyzer, consists of a device that detects chemical changes in the dipstick, and a smartphone application that analyzes and store the change values. Licote offers insights into:

      1) family health: monitoring adult diseases such as kidney disease, urinary tract infection, diabetes, and liver disease

      2) early detection of diseases with pet urinalysis for your pet

      3) drinking water quality: detection of harmful inorganic substances such as various heavy metals

      4) free radical concentration test in relation to aging, onset of adult disaeses, cancer, etc. thereby guaranteeing proper, timely treatment by analyzing various health indicators.


    How to Use

    1. Download Licote application from Google Play Store/Apple Store

    2. Prepare Licote personal smart IVD device and urine strip

    3. After installation, access the app. and register your personal information

    4. Prepare urine to be tested and moisten the urine Strip

    5. Remove residual urine from the strip with a tissue

    6. Search for the device on your smartphone

    7. Connect the device, register into the application

    8. After 60 Seconds of placing the moistened urine strip, open the device cover

    9. Place the applied urine strip on the window, close the cover

    10. Run the application and select a urine test

    11. When the test is complete, the test information appears on the screen

    12. Check the test result in the application

    13. When the scanning is complete, the results are automatically stored in the database



    Key Features


     1. Using Licote application for convenient tests

     2. Quick testing time (6 seconds for 10 aprameters)

     3. Reliable and specific test results (Medical device class 2 approval; 95% of accuracy)

     4. One device to test for human, pets, water quality, free radical, etc.

     5. One device for multiple user access and management function

     6. IP68 waterproof material as that of a smartphone
         - Easilty washed with water 

     7. The best health monitoring device in the contactless era.





    1. Using a standard conforming charger and do not use while charging

     2. Do not disassemble the device by yourself

     3. If the device is overheated, stop using it and contact to the place of purchase

     4. Contaminated urine strips and foreign particles may cause device malfunction

     5. A Urine Strip should be kept away from moisture and UV exposure.

     6. Do NOT use used urine strips, It is disposable.





      1. Enjoying quick, accurate and reliable urinalysis test from the easy-to-use IVD device

      2. Licote application is smart and core to analyze a color changes and accumulate more than 30,000 test results

      3. One Licote for multi users and multi tests such as human, pets, water quality, UTI, etc.

      4. Easy to clean urine contaminants due to waterproof IP68 grade




     1. Taking care of your health everyday with the smart home healthcare IVD device

     2. Accumulated test results indicate a change of your health status

     3. Reliable and useful smart home healthcare IVD device for telemedicine system

     4. The results are read out in accordance with
         Step 4 specialized medical inspection standard





    §Product Name : Smart Home Healthcare IVD device
    §Model Name: BTC-NA23, NA29
    §Size : 136㎜x68x20
    §Weight : 130g
    §Power : Rechargeable Li-Polymer  Battery(3.7V/550mA)
    §Recharge Type : USB-C Type (DC5V1A↑)
    §Reading Capacity : 10Parameters,360test/1Hr
    §System I/F : BLE4.0 I/F, Bidirectional I/F to the   validation service App
    §Certification : CE IVD / FDA in progress
    §Waterproof : IP68(Washable,Resist the showen water direct pressure atomized)
    §Operating System : Android 4.0.3
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    7 Brain Tech Co.,Ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      An Ji Hong

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      16, Pajang-ro 82beon-gil, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Health Care Supplement

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    • Company introduction

      We, Brain Tech, are the company to pursue customer satisfaction and topractice the Earth Green Environment. Also, we are customer centered and theeco-friendly company.


      Braintech(ISO-9001,14001,13485, GMP certified company) is a company that constantlyresearches for the development of electrical and electronic products andquality innovation.

      We focus onresearch and development of self-health care and wellness products.

      Currently,IOT healthcare (in vitro diagnostic-urine chemistry tester) products that caneasily test and manage various (infinite expandability) diagnosis and testswith a single device have been developed (CE IVD certification)

      Wellnessproducts are also under development and will be released around March 2022.

      Inaddition, the next-generation test equipment is also under development (invitro diagnostics-urine chemistry tester), and is aimed at launching in October2022 with improved precision and multi-functional distribution.


      The Brain Tech is not only this, but aims eco-friendly businessmanagement based on new growth engine in the future business areas, in order torealize leaps and growth as an eco-friendly company. All employees in the BrainTech will always do our best to become the company who are in the mind to thinkfrom the customer's perspective first and then practice to repay the customer.


      Thank you.

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      • Brain Tech Co.,Ltd.
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      • Personal Urine Analyzer

        Licote, Personal Smart IVD Analyzer

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    • Verified Certificate FDA CE
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