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2 Haneolnuri Co., Ltd

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    •Application of patented power control technology


    Haneolnuri's unique patented power control technology is applied to prevent overcharging and complete discharge of the battery, extending the service life of the battery and the use of streetlights, and preventing the situation where the light does not come on in advance.


    •Power management through display


    Unlike conventional solar street lights, you can check and set the power management contents of street lights through the display, so you can optimize street lights.


    •1-axis solar tracking system


    It is a solar tracking system of Haneolnuri that can secure the maximum power in the same situation by comparing and analyzing the solar data of Haneolnuri Co., Ltd. and solar data measured in real time to track the sunlight.


    •Optimal battery


    Unlike batteries used in existing street lights, there is no risk of heat generation or explosion, and the rate of reduction in battery capacity due to discharge is small, which is effective in extending the life of street lights.  In addition, it is a battery suitable for solar street light because it is easy to handle and can supply power stably regardless of the season.



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    2 Haneolnuri Co., Ltd

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Kwon Taek Jo

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      1 Sangjin 14-gil Danyang-eup Danyang-gun Chungbuk, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

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      Alternative Energy Generators

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      The world and our country are focusing on the development of renewable energy to replace fossil energy due to environmental problems.

      Our company is leading the future energy industry, dreaming of sustainable development and green new deal centered on people and environment.

      Based on continuous research and development, we will actively utilize the energy given by nature to become a leading company in the renewable energy industry. We will always practice ethical manageme.


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        Solar Street Lamp

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        SPC(Solar Power Controller)

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        LED Lamp

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