LED Lamp

LED Lamp

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solar energy system, street lamp, solar power controller, solar street lamp,
Solar Energy Products

Haneolnuri Co., Ltd

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South Korea South Korea / 2001
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Product Information

It is a device that converts electrical energy into light energy and uses LED as a light source.

For heat dissipation, aluminum heat sink and PCB material are used.

Various products with different watts are composed because the usage location and desired illumination are different.

Depending on the location, you can select the LED color temperature to configure the desired lighting atmosphere.



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Haneolnuri Co., Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2001
Business type
Kwon Taek Jo
1 Sangjin 14-gil Danyang-eup Danyang-gun Chungbuk, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Alternative Energy Generators
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Company introduction

The world and our country are focusing on the development of renewable energy to replace fossil energy due to environmental problems.

Our company is leading the future energy industry, dreaming of sustainable development and green new deal centered on people and environment.

Based on continuous research and development, we will actively utilize the energy given by nature to become a leading company in the renewable energy industry. We will always practice ethical manageme.


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