lemon balm set

lemon balm set

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herb tea, organic, lemon balm,
Herbal Tea
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Stevia Korea

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2019
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Product Information

It's 100% lemon balm which is directly derived from pesticide-free and organic certification.
You can enjoy a healthy daily life once or twice a day by drinking tea in warm water 

or ice cubes.

Also, it is effective for internal fat decomposition, mental and physical stability, and constipation, and it is also very helpful for insomnia if you take it before you go to bed.



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Stevia Korea

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2019
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Park Byeong Ho
121 Eunhyeonnaedong-gil Misan-myeon Boryeong-si Chungnam, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
Product Category
Herbal Medicine,Herbal Tea,Spices & Herbs Products
Year Established
Company introduction

Park Byeong Ho  Natural Farm

Sweetener without Calories, Natural Sugar

Domestic Pesticide-free Stevia

Sugar, Now you may have without fear!!


Unrefined eco-friendly sugar which may be had with no fear, cultivated with 100% eco-friendly farming.

Natural sweetener for substitute sugar in modern society where sweet taste may not be given up!!


It is a healthy unrefined natural sugar with no additives nor chemical refining process which is sweeter than other general sugars by 200~300 times and has almost no calories.

Stevia composed of ingredients which are good for body.

Search for the Stevia Korea of Park Byeong Ho Natural Farm


 Intake Method of Stevia, Natural Gift


It is very useful for having tea or sweetening with 1-2 tea spoons (about 1.5g) in hot water and may be used as substitute cooking material for Yogurt/Salad sweetener. People who prefer coffee may have it after putting small amount of Stevia into the coffee and the Stevioside is brewed after 2-3 minutes.


Put 2 dry leaves of Stevia into a paper cup and pour hot water up to 2 thirds of the cup. After 3-4 minutes, you may feel the fragrance of the Stevia which is as delicate as the fragrance of green tea.


Why? The Stevia of Stevia Korea is different.

Sugar substitutes are produced in the name of Stevia by many companies in Korea. As you see in the label, they are produced with 10% of Glycoside extract, and 90% of Erithritol. The Stevia powder of Park Byeong Ho Natural Farm has natural green color as produced with 100% Stevia leaf only not like other Stevia products which have white color not green color as produced passing chemical refining process.


Choose the Stevia of sugar substitute!! Do not hesitate now and find the natural sugar of green color.


WoW Sweet Taste and Excellent Effect

Overflowing Charm of Stevia


The Stevia powder of which particles are finer than sugar has sweet taste higher than sugar. Anybody may have it without fear as the influence on blood sugar and weight is low and the absorption is slow. It is helpful in making clean blood and skin as Polyphenol is much contained. And it is so much helpful in quenching thirst that farmers in South America region pick much Stevia leaves instead of drinking water when working.


More than 100 kinds of vegetable nutrients are also contained in Stevia, thus it is called immunity grass as it has a strong antioxidant activity (immunity) which suppresses the action of active oxygen. 

Can you just pass by this Stevia which has such a great charm?


Antioxidant which is higher than green tea by 5 times / Diet / Blood Sugar Control / Sugar Substitute Sweetener


Park Byeong Ho Natural Farm  / Boryeong City


Park Byeong Ho Natural Farm_121 Eunhyeonnaedong-gil, Misan-myeon, Boryeong City, Choongcheongnamdo, KOREA


Misan Rural Community Experience Village_99 Dohong-gil, Misan-myeon, Boryeong City, Choongcheongnamdo, KOREA 


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