[HeuKgwanJang] Korea Black Ginseng Extract HeukSamJeung

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HeukGwanJang HeukSamJeung
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    Heukgwanjang Black Ginseng 



    With years of technology and knowhow accumulated in Heukgwanjang, you can feel the rich taste and aroma of black ginseng, which is brewed at low temperatures for a long time using 100% of domestic black ginseng.



    Korea Black Ginseng Extract 

    It is a liquidtype product that is brewed at low temperaturesfor a log time using 100% black ginseng, so you can feel the deep taste and aroma of black ginseng. 



    Ingredients and contents


    100 % black ginseng extract(Domestic, solid contents 60 % or more) 


    Net wt. 240 g







    Manufacturing Process


    Step 01 Cultivation

    Heukgwanjang select the best domestically grown fresh black ginsengs that have no cracks, no scratches, and only collect 6 years old ginsengs.


    Step 02 Washing

    Ginseng washing process to remove soil or foreign substances with purified water. Select only the finest ginsengs according to strict standards and conditions from external and internal, such as the color, crack, and shape. 


    Step 03 Distillation 

    Steam ginsengs with water vapor in the distiller at the temperature of 95°C for 3 hours and let it stay for 11 hours. Repeat the steaming and drying process 9 times total to minimize the loss of active ingredients and to obtain the best black ginseng. 


    Step 04 Natural drying 

    Dry about 16 days with natural light and natural wind in the drying room.

    Steam and dry 9 times in total to minimize the loss of active ingredients and to obtain the best black ginseng.  


    Step 05 Extract and packing

    With the optimal technologies and knowhow, extract as much active ingredients as possible in the superprecision temperature control extractor and pack them in an aluminum standing package for long-term storage.  



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    2 Koreablackginseng co.,ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kwon Deuk Sang

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      10 Hachohyeon 1-gil Namil-myeon Geumsan-gun Chungnam, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

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      Extract,Plant Extract,Other Extracts

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    • Company introduction

      Heukgwanjang is made using the optimal method of goojeunggoopo (a method of steaming and drying 9 times) with the care and devotion of a mother's love and it will preserve the health of all who live in this centenarian age.


      Korean Heuksam Ltd. works to be a company that preserves the health of all people with Heuksam(black ginseng), first made to preserve the health of our parents and family members, and we manufacture products using GAP certified fresh ginseng that has passed thorough HACCP certified health control standards and for the past six years, we have been blocking out all harmful components, only using domestically grown fresh ginseng that has passed strict selection processes.


      We regularly conduct nutrient analyses, self quality inspections, and analyses for harmfulcomponents through agencies certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and we always work to produce the highest quality products and we will provide Heukgwanjang that consumers can safely consume and that can preserve their health and immunity.

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