Eco-coated Master Roll (Fully Recyclable & Biodegradable)

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2 CNJ Global Co., Ltd

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    Product name Eco-coated Master Roll (Fully Recyclable & Biodegradable) Certification -
    Category Food Packaging
    Boxes & Trays
    Food Bags
    Food Wrapping Paper
    Other Food Packaging
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    Keyword food packaging , ecofriendly products , eco paper , ecofriendly paper product Unit Size 780.0 * 0.0 * 9000.0
    Brand name JUST PAPER Unit Weigh 1000 kg
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 4811590000
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    JUST PAPER ECO-COATED MASTER Roll is a food grade paper roll which can be used for making eco paper products including paper cup, paper straw, paper container and paper packaging for food. Our eco-coated paper roll is fully recyclable in normal A4 paper recycling system. Just throw along with newspapers or magazines so that it can be fully repulpable. Bio-degradability is one of the characteristics of JUST PAPER eco roll, ensuring environment-friendly nature for lands and oceans.

    We provide single and double eco-coated paper roll which can be applicable to hot and cold paper cups and the size of the roll is customizable upon purposes.

    Paper straw made with JUST PAPER's eco-coated roll is free from glue and adhesives and high in durability as it is double coated, making it sturdy longer and usable to fizzy drinks without bubble generation. 

    Paper container made with JUST PAPER eco roll is microwavable since it is high in heat resistance and free from toxic material.

    1. Fully Recyclable and Biodegradable

    2. Heat & Ultrasonic Sealable

    3. Microwave-proven

    4. Superior Water & Oil Resistance

    5. Great Printability

    6. US FDA Certified Safety & Toxic Free Material

    7. Applicable to almost all paper product range

    8. Customizable Roll Size


    Please visit www.justpaper.co.kr for more information.

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    2 CNJ Global Co., Ltd

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Cha Won Kyu

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      2-dong, Wolsan-ro 231, Eumbong-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

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      Other Food Packaging,Cups & Bowls,Other Packaging Supplies

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      CNJ Global Co,. Ltd is a manufacturing company in Korea focusing on eco-coated paper cups, paper straws and food-grade paper products including eco-friendly paper packagings which are fully recyclable and biodegradable. We have developed food-grade paper rolls coated with water-based eco-coating solution, enabling to be fully re-pulped by the current paper recycling system together with normal A4 papers. Thanks to its efficient characteristics, it was possible to materialize superior water & oil resistance, heat sealability, which enhanced performances of paper products for takeaways. All of our paper products are bio-degradable proven, ensuring environment-friendly nature in lands and oceans. We have conducted all tests relating to safety so they are safe to use and unharmful to human bodies with no adhesive used. We have achieved Korean Eco-Label and passed U.S. FDA/European tests conducted by SGS and our paper containers and trays are microwavable-proven. For more information, please visit www.justpaper.co.kr.


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        Eco-coated Master Roll (Fully Recyclable & Biodegradable)

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        Eco-coated Paper Straw (Fully Recyclable & Biodegradable)

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        Eco-coated Paper Cup (Fully Recyclable & Biodegradable)

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