bone conduction hearing amplifier

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Bone Conduction Hearing Amplifier
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bone conduction, hearing amplifier,
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    • Bone conduction hearing amplifier amplifies the human voice generated in the living environment through MEMS (digital microphone) and digital amplifier, amplifies the voice of the other party even in the external environment and eliminates noise signals from the surroundings as much as possible through digital voice signal processing technology. Patent registration that allows users with damage to the eardrum to hear clear original sound without distortion of sound quality through bone conduction earphones of Wangsung Co., Ltd. when the auditory nerve is normal by applying the original noise reduction technology that clearly receives the voice of the other party. Product.
    • Receives external sound through a microphone, amplifies it through a hearing amplifier, and delivers the amplified sound directly to the auditory nerve through a bone conduction speaker.
    • Even if there is damage to the eardrum If there is nothing wrong with your hearing nerves, you can listen to the sound.
    • Good for preventing ear diseases and hearing impairments due to the inflow of external air when wearing earphones
    • Bone conduction patent registration technology applied to the ear insertion type
    • Contributing to prevention of hearing loss and protection of the eardrum as it receives the bone conduction function.
    • Even when worn for a long time, it is a structure to receive external noise after wearing, so that the inside of the ear hole is not a closed space, thus minimizing ear discomfort or pain.
    • Right/left earphone volume separation adjustable
    • Applying digital technology(NoiseRemoval New technology and DSP & Audio codec sound technology and MEMS MIC applied)


    • Wangsung Bone Conduction Hearing Amplifier amplifies the voice of a person in a living environment through MEMS (digital microphone) and digital amplifiers, amplifying the voice of the other person in an external environment and receiving the voice of the other person as clearly as possible through digital voice signal processing technology, which removes the surrounding noise signal, even users with damaged eardrums can hear the sound quality through Wangsung Bone Conduction Hearing Amplifier earphone without distortion.


    speaker structure : Bone Conduction In-ear Type

    impedance : 47Ω±5%

    Output : 90dB/mW

    Weight : about 28g

    Frequency : 50HZ ~ 8,000Hz

    Normal Voltage : DC 3.7V

    Cable Length : 58cm

    Rechareable Battery : Li-Polymer BAT(500mAh)

    Charging Time : 50minute

    Hours of use : Max 12hours

    charging method : Micro USB 5Pin

    Ear Tips : SS/S/M/L

    Drive : 10Ø

    Amplifier : Digital method (Applies DSP&Audio Codec / MEMS Mic)

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    2 Wangsung Co., Ltd.

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      Wang Sung is a roller and shaft manufacturing company for transporting glass of FPD equipment that quickly change to meet the introduction of the era of the fourth industrial revolution, and based on it, we wish to expand the systemization business based on various experience and technology, including LCD, OLED, solar, semiconductors, secondary cells, chemical, automobile, etc.. We were able to come so far with our clients’ love and support. We will not be satisfied with the present, always think of clients as our top priority, And provide the best products in humble manners. Please look forward to the continuous development of WangSung and we hope for your support.Thank you,


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