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2 Wangsung Co., Ltd.

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    The method of making rollers that help transfer from semiconductor return equipment is extrusion molding method. over  Φ150  diameter Due to the progressive deformation of the anti-static roller during processing, after rough cuttingAfter three weeks of stabilization, the process took a long time to process.Surface resistance coefficient even after processing after three weeks of stabilization, Products with improved low yield due to poor flatness, seismicity, etc.By improving the problem of deformation before and after processing due to an imbalance in compression density, antistatic roller surface flatness, epicenter, etc Technical differentiation with reduced defectUnable to use cutting oil during cutting and surface processing antistatic roller Surface resistance value of compression density imbalance due to processing density deviation that occurs by nature Reduced defect by approximately 20-30%The material is made of CNT material, It is also possible to produce a roller of 150Φ,180Φ,200Φ,250Φ, etc.









    ● Increased productivity: Easy and Fast Assembly as a sleeve type/tightening type, not clamp type is used


    ● Saves Material Cost: Roller + Sleeve or Tight Ring Structure; Saves 20~30% of cost, such as Loss Expense of conventional board or Sewing Manufacture

    ● Quality Improvement: Based on Perpendicularity Ø250 - Board Workpiece: About 1.2mm - Injection Processed Products: About 0.75mm

    ● Increased Productivity: Capa/Weekly - Board Processed Products : 1000EA (Based on Ø180) - Injection Processed Products: 2000EA (Based on Ø250)

    ● Light Roller : Improves Shaft A'ssy Loosening due to weight, saves about 30% of the weight

    ● Able to manufacture injection rollers with specific surface resistance on the client’s request - 10^4~10^5 for OLED / 10^6~10^9 for LCD - Used by many clients, including BOE, CSOT, SHARP, etc.

    ● One Stop Production Management : Improving client satisfaction by building a general control tower of Material Development, Injection Molding, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Packaging. (Surface Resistance Value Failure Rate of Injection Products decreased by 30% on panel/sewing products

    Rollers that prevent sludge in antistatic injection materials, but also prevent poor assembly to rotating shafts and reduce manufacturing costs.

    Size depends on the specifications requested by the customer.


    Wangsung is a company specialized in ROLLER and SHAFT that is needed for return of GLASS of FPD facilities that is rapidly changing and based on this, it is planning to expand its SYSTEM business with various experiences and technologies such as LCD, OLED, SOLAR, semiconductor, secondary battery, chemical, and automobile.

    Antistatic injection rollers prevent the generation of antistatic injection materials and polyethylene-based sludge from the outer areas that come into contact with the panel, while increasing the machining of the inner parts to prevent assembly failure to the rotating shaft and reduce manufacturing costs.



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    2 Wangsung Co., Ltd.

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      258-18 Bongsin-ro Dunpo-myeon Asan-si Chungnam, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

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      Wang Sung is a roller and shaft manufacturing company for transporting glass of FPD equipment that quickly change to meet the introduction of the era of the fourth industrial revolution, and based on it, we wish to expand the systemization business based on various experience and technology, including LCD, OLED, solar, semiconductors, secondary cells, chemical, automobile, etc.. We were able to come so far with our clients’ love and support. We will not be satisfied with the present, always think of clients as our top priority, And provide the best products in humble manners. Please look forward to the continuous development of WangSung and we hope for your support.Thank you,


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        injection roller

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