Anti aging lifting care, DA99 Home Esthetic Lifting Program

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wrinkle care, antiaging serum, brightening care, lifting ampoule,


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    Product name Anti aging lifting care, DA99 Home Esthetic Lifting Program Certification -
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    Keyword wrinkle care , antiaging serum , brightening care , lifting ampoule Unit Size 85.0 * 80.0 * 0.0 mm
    Brand name DA99 Unit Weigh 14 g
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    Wrinkle care and Brightening dual functional product

    DA99 Home Esthetic Lifting Program

    1. Wrinkle care and Brightening dual functional product

    2. Women's skin begins to age in 20s. Take care of skin elasticity starting in 20s.

    3. Use safe ingredients of EWG green grade. (While glycolic acid is yellow grade, but it is safe. Because the final acidity changes to weak acid ph 5.5 after dissolving the melting thread as an essential material for melting.)

    4. Immediate wrinkle improvement effect that is lifted after apply.

    5. Human application test complete

    (Check for immediate and continuous improvement of 7 items: eye end lifting / mouth corner lifting / face sagging / next-to-nose wrinkle / neck wrinkle / moisture contents / dead skin improvement)

    6. DIY products that transform liquid into gel properties

    7. Ginseng berry extracts: Oriental mystery ginsenoside,

    HyalOcta Complex: A substance that maintains moisture in the skin by absorption water that is 1000 times its self weight.

    Moisturizing skin from the inside to the outside with a combination of eight types of low to high molecules.Amino Acid Complex: Human cell core 17 types of amino acid complex that repair, anti-oxidize, and moisturize damaged skin to help healthy skin.

    How to use

    1. Shake the product to checked the sound of plastic ball in the lid .

    2. Press the button on the lid to burst (press deeply until the outlet under the lid is completely open) and shake it up and down so that the melting thread and essence in the mix well.

    3. Keep going shake for about 10 seconds so that the thread that had been clumped inside the button will come loose.

    4. Melt time for at least 5 to 10 minutes to allow the melting thread to fully dissolve in the essence. (If user melting it a day before use and refrigerate it, user can use it immediately when it need.)

    ·Melting time: Activation time when thread melts into essence to optimize function

    ·If you feel that melting time is boring, we recommend washing face while melting.

    5. When it changed to a soft gel, open the lid and drop it on the palm.

    6. Gently spread on skin (face, neck, etc.) that needs to be improved wrinkles and elastic management to absorb it as if massage.

    ·It is more effective to apply the product immediately after washing face.

    7. When wash face in the morning, wash only with water without using soap.

    ·Cleanse thoroughly so that non-absorbable barrier gel do not remain on the skin.

    ·If the lifting feels uncomfortable, keep for more than 30 minutes before washing face.

    8. It is good to mix water or skin essence with the remaining amount of the bottle and use it as skin essence in the morning.

    9. Use it within a week after removing the protective vinyl.

    3.5ml * four ampoule in one pack.

    A product used once a week.

    Test the human body once a week for use conditions, confirmed its effectiveness.

    DIY product that is used by melting natural substances in the lid.

    Apply the freshest product to skin.



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    2 NTRADE Inc.

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      Jung Chul Hyun

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      46 18 Gaebongro 15 gil Gurogu Seoul Korea, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      A company NTRADE INC was founded by a cosmetics development company NAMUTREE .

      NAMUTREE & NTRADE develops new product through our own technology and produces the goods under distribute the goods. We put our effort for beauty field. 

      In particular, for living quality improvement, we have purpose to develop new products based on eco-friendly materials. 

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    • Main Product
      • Anti aging lifting care_ DA99 Home Esthetic Lifting Program

        Anti aging lifting care, DA99 Home Esthetic Lifting Program

      • For anti aging_ Skin care_ Facial mask_ DA99 Brightening and Lifting Double up Mask

        For anti aging, Skin care, Facial mask, DA99 Brightening and Lifting Double up Mask

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