L.ma LED Face Mask

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    Product name L.ma LED Face Mask Certification CE
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    Keyword beauty product , whitening , wrinkle care , led mask Unit Size 192.2 * 248.2 * 121.2 mm
    Brand name L.ma Unit Weigh 380 g
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    The wavelength of LED light activates cells in the skin to help improve skin. LED light penetrates to the dermal layer and is absorbed by the mitochondria, which is the energy production plant of the cells, thereby producing collagen and regenerating the skin, helping blood circulation, and improving elasticity. Unlike UV rays that promote skin aging, the LED light used in the product can show anti-aging effects without side effects. Unlike laser treatment that irradiates a local area, it can effectively irradiate a large area.



    Description & Characteristics


    1. Virus Care: By irradiating the nasal cavity and sinuses with CURE LIGHT (940nm) wavelength, it relieves pain and inflammation, promotes skin regeneration, and prevents infection by bacteria and viruses.

    2. Whitening Care: By irradiating the CURE LIGHT + YELLOW LIGHT (830nm + 585nm) wavelength over the entire face, it lowers melanin production, helping to improve skin tone and skin whitening.

    3. Elasticity Care: It helps to improve the overall skin elasticity by inducing collagen production by irradiating RED LIGHT (660nm) wavelength all over the face.

    4. Facial folds, Jaw line Intensive Care: Helps alleviate skin folds by intensively irradiating the wavelength of RED LIGHT (660nm) on the most troublesome areas of the facial skin. Using the care zone control system, the maximum amount of LED light is irradiated to the troubled area.

    5. UV sterilization system: When the UV-LED of the L.MA LED FACE MASK cradle is put after using the FACE MASK, it automatically removes viruses and bacteria to keep it clean.

    6. Face fitting system: By applying the eyeball open design without obstruction of the field of vision and the Boa dial band system for convenient head circumference size adjustment, you can safely and comfortably manage your skin without any inconvenience in daily life.


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      Masanhoewon-gu,71-107,Sugok-ro,Naeseo-eup, Masanhoewon-gu, Masanhoewon-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

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      Beauty Devices

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      VITSRO Co. Ltd. launched L.ma, LED BEAUTY BRAND,

      based on the corporate philosophy of “creating beautiful value with lights.” 


      With our LED lights specialized technology, L.ma focused research on LED lights for skin use for many years to further elevate our customers’ lives.


      VITSRO is not limited to just serving lighting products but have accumulated unrivaled technology via continuous light wavelength research. We built our reliability through the immaculate management of the entire production process and secured safety through various thorough product safety testing.


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        L.ma rejuve ampoule wrinkle reduction brightening EGCG

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