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    Hose handling cranes are manufactured and tested under the specifications and regulations by OCIMF. These cranes are well known for their precision and rigid structure, and are the perfect solutions for handling the tanker oil hoses, the VLCC hose, the ULCC hoses. The crane lifts up to 25 metric tons of weight and rotates 360 degrees, with the jib reach of 30 meters.


    The provisin cranes are self-powered, and is generally used for expandables and spare engine parts. The crane is capable of 12.5 metric tons of weight, and has the jib reach of 22 meters.



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    9 BOGO CO.,LTD

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      KIM JA WON

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      (Dangri-Dong)388 Nackdong-daero, Rich-W B/D,RM306, Saha-gu, Busan, Korea

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      Water Treatment,Boilers & Parts,Machinery Engines & Parts

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      BOGO has been established in May, 2006 by professionals who have more than 10 years career in shipbuilding and plant. BOGO has developed to the company which has special relationshipswith clients through righteous mind and action. The clarified and flawless management of BOGO will make all the members of BOGO cherish trust with their colleagues, investors and other companies.In the meantime, all members of BOGO show their enthusiasm and responsibilities to their work and will achieve their goals through everlasting efforts and distinctive service. It will lead BOGO to contribute to make tremendous profits and return it to all clients.As BOGO, keep reputation and pride, we will get along with all corporations as a leading trading company in the world.

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