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    Re : Dr. Cu, Antimicrobial copper film sticker (virus sterilization effect)

    It is pleased to suggest the hot item of antimicrobial copper film sticker as enclosed catalogue, certificates and price list for your reference. (You may download the catalgoue and price list. It is 33.2NM big PDF file. You can understand the item in detail.)
    It is great chance to protect from spreading coronavirus by contact.

    Antimirobial copper is the only touch surface material registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency(EPA).

    It removes the harmful bacteria and virus by 99.9% semi-permanently.
    It can be cut any size and shape on any contact area such as personal devices and daily necessities, public places, hospitals, banks, subways, buses, buttons of elevator, door handle, etc.

    It can be printed your logo or design on the sticker.

    The type of roll and/or A4 sheet can be supplied.

    HS code : 39011010

    If you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to ask us.

    It is our great pleasure to support you entirely.


    Anti Virus Anti Bacteria film

    Antibacterial solution: Nano copper

    Copper is an antibacterial material that disrupts bacterial physiology.
     Copper-naoparticles penetrate inside the virus which contact with film.
     Copper-naoparticles destroy epidermis of the virus and kill it (Ionic reaction).

    Growth inhibition & Sterilization through ionic reaction.

    1. Superior anti virus effect and anti bacteria effect

    2. High transparency and transmittance

    3. Strong surface & long term durability

    4. ROHS certification

    5. Quality warranty


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    14 Baishan TechNet

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      Baishan TechNet is proud to supply the most strong and competive quality products  as below.


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