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2 Mirae Institute of Ecosystem Engineering, Inc.

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    This is Bokryung Korean Tranditional Tea.

    It is kind of blended by korean traditional way.

    It is used to gift.

    I hope you guys to enjoy it.

    Keep your health with 1pcs per day only!

    Keep your family's health with 1pcs per day only!

    Keep someone's health who is your special with 1pcs per day only!


    For the sales inquiry, you can send me a message here in TRADE KOREA.

    Thanks to join here!




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    2 Mirae Institute of Ecosystem Engineering, Inc.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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      Lee. Jongwoo

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      66 Seonbannam 1-gil , Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea

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      Other Beverages

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    • Company introduction

      Future Corrosystem Research Institute Co., Ltd., an agricultural company, was established to solve environmental issues in Jeju Island through the convergence of IT and BT technologies.


       Since 2016, we have been providing technical solutions on environmental issues in Jeju, including research on prevention of pine wilt disease using native microorganisms in Jeju, research on artificial cultivation of Bokryeong using pine wilt disease test trees, and research on microbial bacteria at the level of microbial bacteria for investigation and analysis of Jeju groundwater contamination.


       In addition, the company has developed a Bokryeong smart farm that combines the latest IT and BT jockey, and plans to provide smart horticulture models through optimal growth data analysis of crops and personalized health food models through analysis of intestinal microbial fungus.


      In the future, Future Cosystem Research Institute will make every effort to provide technical support and solutions that address the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through active communication with customers. 


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      • BOKRYUNG


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