CAOA Derma Intensive Serum

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antioxidant, cosmeceutials, moisture, face serum vitamin c,
Skin Care Serum

2 NEXMOS Co., Ltd.

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    Keyword antioxidant , cosmeceutials , moisture , face serum vitamin c Unit Size 57.0 * 53.0 * 102.0 mm
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      CAOA s-DNA Aptamer Serum is an anti-aging serum that contains s-DNA Aptamer 2(Aptamin® C),

      specifically captures and interacts with the target anti-oxidant, vitamin C, and maximizes the  efficacies of it

      in its entirety. Aptamin® C, a patented material, which helps reducing stress traces on your skins. Moreover,

      including 3 types of hyaluronic acid (high/medium/low molecular weight), madecassoside, and centella

      asiatica extract shows excellent synergistic effects such as moisturizing, revitalizing, and brightening.






      The combination of ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C) and s-DNA aptamer-2 (Aptamin®C) is  promoting  

      a naturally even skin tone and defend skin from various environment such as UV rays, pollution and  

      humidity, etc (Patent registration, 2 Papers, Clinical results)



      Delivering long-lasting hydration to each layer of the skin that prevent to dried skin meticulously.

      It will develop your skin’s texture flexible and elasticity



      Madecassoside and other centella extracts (madecassoside, asiaticosidemadecaic acid, Asiatic acid) are

      contained to help regenerate skin from various environmental damage


    Brightening, Reducing of wrinkle (Including niacinamide, adenosine)




      After cleansing, place 2~4 drops on the palm or between fingertips and massage evenly into your dry face        and neck. Apply daily or more often as required




      Avoid direct contact with the eyes occurs, rinse immediately




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    2 NEXMOS Co., Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Jung wook, Shim

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      A2207 UTower Sinsuro 767, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Other Personal Care,Face Cream & Lotion,Skin Care Serum,Shampoo

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    • Company introduction

      Nexmos is an innovative, biotechnology R&D company with a brand new DNA meta platform protected by global intellectual properties. Founded in 2014, the company has mainly developed DNA based Aptamer technology with registered related patents and worked in the healthcare and therapeutics industry using its technology.


      Nexmos believes that innovation is the key to improving humanity's life. Nexmos bioexperts are dedicated to solving degenerative brain diseases with new drugs and treatments and continually expanding more diverse industries such as skincare, F&B, etc. We are constantly striving that more people can enjoy the benefits of the DNA substance

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