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adult diaper, booster, pad, insert pad,
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9 ShinwooP&C Corperation

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    By using smooth inner cover, the pure cotton sensation leaves the skin soft even after a long use. The dimensional band for preventing leakage stays on the legs despite active movement, preventing leakage. Quickly absorbs urine for dispersion that is two times faster than the existing products, leaving the sin soft. The wider magic tape can be fixed and removed numerous time more stably and can be fixed firmly on various type of body, preventing gapso for leakage.                    



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    9 ShinwooP&C Corperation

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kim Jongho

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      683-1, naksan-ri, waeganwep, chilgok-gun, gyengsanbokdo, korea

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      Adult Diapers

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      CEO's Message

      Parents who have spent the entire life loving their children!
      Now Carnation will be there for our parents.

      Silver Sanitary Product Brand Carnation Is Love.

      "endless love." That is true. The kind of love that our parents give us is endless and comes with the sacrifices they make.

      Even in tough times, despite their own hardships, parents went to great lengths to support their childen, and Carnation is well aware of that. Knowing that, we make every single product with the utmost sincerity. We add more value to our products because they are loved by parents.

      "Carnation" wishes to rememberd as a return for that "love." Carnation considers the elderly's comfortable lives a top priority. Carnation will always be there for seniors who deserve respect.

      Carnation will become a reliable brand for silver sanitary products.

      Thank you.

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