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Kumoh Corporation

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1998
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Trading Company
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Product Information


Description of Gear Box (Gear Reducer)


* Worm Reducer

A worm gear, just as a bevel gear, transmits the power in right angular manner between it driving gears and driven ones with a simple structure which makes it easy to maintain, to endure high impact load, and to be manufactured rather compact as compared with reducers with the higher ratio.


* Spiral Bevel Gear & Gear Reducer

A spiral bevel gear and gear reducer carry out spiral rotation with high transmission efficiency and less wear and tear. It can also transmit the power in right angular manner (90 degrees) with high efficiency per unit area and less noise.


* Planetary Gear Reducer

With many a planet gear unit, a planetary reducer can disperse load so that it has significantly high power transmission ratio, up to a few times of performance in terms of power transmission and load distraction done by one of other reducers of identical size. It can align the input shaft and output one in a straight line, and with the help of its little size, it can be manufactured compact.


* Leveller Gear Box & Paraller Shaft Reducer

We have devoted ourselves to reform the quality by self developed design for decades since its establishment. And our products leave nothing in quality to be more desired, being proud of its high reputations from the customers in the world.


* Crane Reducer

Working from our designs of pre-engineered drives, we can fulfill many of your standard applications. With the use of computer aided design (CAD) we can also modify our standard designs to meet the customer’s needs. The customer can select from designs which include parallel, right angle and concentric shaft configurations.


* Geared Motor

Double reduction center drive units are built to meet the tough demands of a horizontal process mill drive. These heavy-duty fully enclosed units overcome such common problems of gear tooth wear and deterioration as experienced with traditional open gear drives in these applications. As an all-in-one unit comprising the motor as well as and gear box, it can be applied on a narrow area for rather small sized, little power transmission cases.


* Cyclo

A cyclo realizes significant reduction ratios in a small size. It experiences little friction due to its structure of continuous curves while it endures high impact load due to the large number of simultaneous engaging bites. Made from special steel, it has high abrasion, friction resistance with long life. It can also experience less power loss because the gear and roller inside it run at rolling contact. Input shaft and output one can be aligned in a straight line.


* Special Gear Box

Reduction Gears offer the ability to change engine speed and or the direction of rotation to closely the driven equipment’s most efficient operation speed. Combined with a clutch or coupling, reduction gears provide a compact easily aligned package which mounts directly to the engine. Reduction gears are designed for out shaft side loading to accommodate chain and sprocket or v-belt final drive. Speed Increasers do tailor the speed form a prime mover to match higher operation speeds of the driven equipment. Speed increasers often incorporate a clutch or input coupling in one compact package, and can be mounted as a unit or mounted independently of the prime mover.




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Kumoh Corporation

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 1998
Business type
Trading Company


Sang-Keun Lee
233-2, Jangmal-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Product Category
Bridge Cranes
Year Established
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Company introduction

Dear customers,


Since the establishment in 1998, we Kumoh Corporation in Korea have focused our efforts in the marketing and supplying the following material handling equipment & its major components for our customers in the world, thus having gained splended reputations in regards of quality and price competitiveness.


* Overhead Crane & Gantry Crane (5 tons up to 500 tons) 

* Trolley Bar (Crane Bar, Power Conductor Bar & Bus bar with 60A up to 3,000A) 

* Festoon Cable

* End Carriage (Geared Motor & Steel Frame) 

* Lifting Magnet (Circular Type & Rectangular Type) 

* Hoist (Electric Wire Rope Type & Chain Type)    

* Electric Control Panels

* Pendent Push Button Switch & Limit Switch

* Hook


We are ready to cooperate with our customers through our quanity products and attractive prices.

Thank you for your time and anticipated cooperation.

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