Germanium & Gold Health Fashion Jewelry(Bracelet, Necklace)

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SoonBioTech Germanium Health Fashion Jewelry Miracle No.1
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Health Products , Bracelets & Bangles , Jade & Pearl Jewelry , Necklaces , Other Health Care Products
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South Korea South Korea / 2007
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Product name Germanium & Gold Health Fashion Jewelry(Bracelet, Necklace) Certification -
Category Health Products
Bracelets & Bangles
Jade & Pearl Jewelry
Other Health Care Products
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Product Information

SoonBioTech Healthcare Fashion Jewelry is the precious jewels with power gem for healthcare.

It is the representative authentic design of the combination both Germanium & gold of SoonBioTech.

The beauty of your Germanium and the exquisite and brilliant light oozes out, making it a stylish and luxurious health fashion jewelry.

It goes well with any style of formal and casual.

It is a popular product for both men and women.


SoonBioTech Healthcare Fashion Jewelry is the precious jewels with power gem for healthcare.

This products are a luxury health jewelry developed and designed for the purpose of health function in the jewelry worn on our body.


"Soonbiotech Health Jewelry products can be worn by anyone of all ages.

You can see the effect of protecting beauty and health for women and even for the elderly with beautiful jewelry.

For children, it is worn when studying on a regular basis, so it promotes blood circulation and can give you concentration on your studies.

Wearing a bracelet during exercise can maximize the effect of exercise.

The luxury jewelry of Germanium is very helpful for your health as it is an energetic activity when men usually wear it. It is a popular jewelry that allows you to show off your fashion with a sophisticated fashion sense and Germanium luxury jewelry worn on your wrist.

It is a product loved by middle-aged and elderly men and women with a young sense.“

Soonbiotech Health Jewelry is well received as a B2B, B2C, special sale, and VIP gift product from domestic and overseas partners.


Efficacy of SoonBioTech Health Fashion Jewelry

1.      Improve blood circulation

2.      Helps in inflammation treatment

3.      Helps relieve pain

4.      Promotion of metabolism

5.      Help in rejuvenation

6.      Aging prevention

7.      Releasing large amounts of energy

8.      Relieves fatigue

9.      Excellent antibacterial activity

10.   Excellent deodorizing power creates a clean and healthy environment

11.   Good for protecting health and boosting immunity


Customers’ recommendation

l  Because it is a stylish product, I wear it at a meeting.

l  Pretty and the effect is very good.

l  It is also great for exercising.

l  I received it as a gift.

l  I gave it to my parents and they are very happy.

l  I received a gift from the company as an excellent employee.

l  My husband gave it as a gift. I like it

l  I purchase it as a commemorative with a friend and use it usefully.


Customers’ recommend

l  Those who want a beautiful fashion style and health function

l  Those who cannot circulate blood

l  Those with numb hands and feet

l  Those with a sore wrist

l  Those who suffer from shoulder pain

l  A person with weak energy

l  A student studying

l  Those who use computers or mobile phones a lot

l  Those who cannot achieve deep sleep

l  Those who do sports such as golf

Best Collection 4.


Germanium 8mm & Gold 1


Germanium, which is called the element of life, makes blood circulation smoother.

To help your health.

The harmony of high-purity germanium and 24K gold is beautiful and luxurious.

Produce an image. It is a popular product loved by all ages.



Best Collection 9.


Germanium 8mm & Gold 2 & Turtle Luxury Jewelry (Necklace)

This is an authentic style Germanium luxury

necklace made of 8MM germanium gemstones. As a health necklace suitable for both formal and casual, it is a must-have item for women's fashion.


We started designing and developing this product while contemplating whether it would be possible to have health and fashion together.

As a product that is truly effective for health, we needed a health fashion bracelet that everyone likes.

We started with a very simple thought.

Eventually, we were able to create health fashion jewelry that everyone would like.

If you are thinking about health and fashion, choose Miracle No.1. Makes you happy every day. "


Thank you.

“Miracle No.1 Health & Fashion Jewelry!”

SoonBioTech, Healthcare Total Brand



B2B Trade

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Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
Business type


38 Digital-ro 29-gil Guro-gu Seoul, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Product Category
Gemstone Jewelry,Health Care Supplement,Jade & Pearl Jewelry,Other Health Care Products,Other Jewelry
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

SoonBioTech provides Healthcare Home MedicalMattress, Healthcare Pillow, Health Fashion Jewelry, Healthcare Mask.

For the health and happiness of me and myfamily

Whole body customized bio health care

The best health care technology

It is contained.

SoonBiotech is a growing global biomedicalhealthcare company.

SoonBiotech’s bio-healthcare technology isworld-class.

Veteran technical researchers with morethan 20 years of experience and marketing management Leaders with capabilitiesgo beyond the domestic market.

We are showing excellent skills inpioneering.



There are so many different medicalproducts around us. However, it is difficult to find products that trust thehearts of all of our families.

At first, we started research because wedesperately need healthcare products for mother's health. Soon Biotech began.


By sourcing and developing medical devicesand related products, we became convinced that we could well make products thatare useful for treatment for our health, and we began to solve the clues one byone.


As a result, we researched and developed amaterial that generates far-infrared rays and energy in the heat function thatwarms our body. We started to get excited about the fact that there are so manycreatures and minerals on this earth that are beneficial to us, and we realizedand convinced that if we use them well, it will be of great benefit not only toour families, but also to the healing and health of mankind.


We started off lightly, but developingproducts for health came to us with a heavy responsibility. It was impossibleto do without a sense of mission. Rather than focusing on selling a lot, westarted to focus on how to be effective and beneficial to our health.


As a result, we have heard words ofappreciation from customers who use our products. We are doing things that arehelpful for the health of our families, and humanity. Make thismission clear and we will progress. And you will be a member who is committedto society.


Soon Biotech is a company specializing inresearch and development of medical devices and distribution and service ofhealthcare products with its mission to help humanity's healthy life. Employeeshave excellent competitiveness in the healthcare market based on theirexperience and skills accumulated over the past several years in the field andprovide the best solutions and services to customers. We use three standardvalues of character, competence, and dedication as indicators of our company management.We will do our best to lead the biomedical healthcare market by providing thehighest quality products and services.


Even as our company has grown, we've neverlost our desire to learn. And there are lessons to be learned with each newchallenge.

We have established the most importantmanagement philosophy to run our business well.

All members develop a unified mind with amission and vision. And we proceed to the company's value standards in doingeverything.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help protect humanityfrom viruses and diseases and lead a healthy life, and we will do our best todo this.



We call the company's core value 3CP.

3CP is Character, Competence, Commitment,Passion.

We always think this value standard whenlooking for partners to help, when hiring employees. Because we believe that wecan help and succeed with the best value to help our customers.


Our Motivation

Many partners have been eagerly requestingour company to obtain products such as bio medical healthcare products, masks,sanitizer. We did our best to supply these products. Our efforts have helpedfamilies, students, police, hospitals and many partners.


Our Mission

Now we are reorganizing our well-preparedproduction line and supplying products to help human health and to protecthumanity from corona and malicious viruses. Our mission is to help protecthumanity from viruses and diseases and lead a healthy life, and we will do ourbest to do this.


Our clients

Companies, hospitals, organizations, andsuppliers that need products for medical healthcare and the prevention ofepidemics and their leaders and stakeholders are our partner

Because we're experienced, reliable, andfocused on results, we've had the privilege of working with a host of fantasticclients.

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