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monitor lamp, lamp for monitor, lamp for laptop, laptop lamp,
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2 ABKO Co.,Ltd.

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    Table Lamps & Reading Lamps
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    • FOR YOUR EYES’ COMFORT - This lamp is designed to install on the top of the monitor to provide enough light for your keyboard and desk and illuminates the surrounding without shining directly into your eyes. Also, there is no light reflection from the screen and no flickering like a normal desk lamp. So, it reduces eye strain, protects your eye, and provides comfort during the desk work.
    • HELPS TO DO DESK JOB EFFECTIVELY - Shadow casting on the desk is minimized as the LED light is mirror reflective type. It provides enough light of 350 LUX (Measure distance: 35cm) without any flickering and reflection providing a perfect desk environment for work and study.
    • CREATE YOUR OWN MOOD - 3 kinds of color temperatures are provided – Natural light (5,000K), White light (4,000K), Warm light (3,000K). Adjust the color temperature according to your mood and task. The warm light makes you relax and white light helps you to focus on your task. You can change the color temperature by touching the control button on top of the panel.
    • SAVE DESK SPACE - As it is installed on top of a monitor, it does not take up any space thus allowing you to use your desk more spaciously. The built-in light sensor dims the light automatically depending on the surrounding light conditions.
    • EASY TO USE & INSTALL – Clip type design allows you to install the lamp without any screws. A USB outlet is all you need to power the lamp. You can plug it into a computer, phone charger, laptop, or a portable power bank. Also with capacitive touch buttons, you do not need to put much force when pressing the buttons preventing accidental drop. 40 minutes timer function is very handy as it can be used in various situations.



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    2 ABKO Co.,Ltd.

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      South Korea South Korea
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      M Signature 7th floor 20 Magokjungang 1ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Table Lamps & Reading Lamps,Bluetooth & Wireless ,Chargers,Computer Cases & Towers,Keyboards

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    • Company introduction

      Founded in 2001, the South Korean brand ABKO has established itself as the biggest gaming gear brand in the country. It has gained its reputation for PC components and peripherals such as PC cases, headsets, keyboards, mice, CPU coolers, and power supply units. In recent years, ABKO has expanded its business into home appliances. Since the launch of its appliance line, ABKO has produced over 50 everyday products becoming a prominent home appliance brand in South Korea.


      From the humble beginning in a corner of Yongsan district in Seoul, ABKO was able to achieve steady growth for the past 21 years. In December of 2020, ABKO has successfully debuted on the Korean stock exchange market (KOSDAQ) becoming the superstar among the homegrown brands.


      As the trend in the tech business changes rapidly, ABKO keeps up with the latest trend through intensive market research and studies. It has been able to quickly release new products that are in high demand thanks to its multiple manufacturing lines in China. In 2019, its state of the art 100,000 square feet logistics center in Gimpo, South Korea has opened to provide safe and competent deliveries of products. It is planning to build a second logistics center that covers 238,000 square feet in the near future.


      Currently, ABKO’s products are sold in more than 50 countries on all continents. As its popularity grows It is expected to invest more of its resources in producing and developing new products that make a positive change in people’s lives.



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      • ABKO Gimpo Production&Warehouse
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