Top quality KF94 Korean 2D mask

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face mask, fashion mask, medical mask, n95 mask,
Other Fashion Accessories , Medical Face Mask , Other Medical Consumables , Nebulizer & Mask , Other Respiratory Equipment
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Saint Enterprise Co Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2002
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Trading Company
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Product name Top quality KF94 Korean 2D mask Certification CE , FDA
Category Other Fashion Accessories
Medical Face Mask
Other Medical Consumables
Nebulizer & Mask
Other Respiratory Equipment
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Keyword face mask , fashion mask , medical mask , n95 mask Unit Size 152.0 * 125.0 * 0.0 mm
Brand name Evelyn Unit Weigh -
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Product Information

2D mask Specification


Quadruple high efficiency filter structure 

It has excellent defense against harmful particulate matter such as yellow sand, pollen and fine dust by applying an excellent four-layer structure (outer, intermediate, filter, lining)


Functional nose support 

When wearing a mask, it prevents dripping and fogging of the glasses, and it adheres to the face to reduce the leakage rate and increase the comfortable fit.


High elastic ear band 

The high elastic ear band can minimize ear fatigue when wearing for a long time.


Three-dimensional structure 

3D three-dimensional structure can provide a comfortable space for breathing and less inside moisture and can reduce contamination in the mask by minimizing the point where the tip of the nose and lips touch the lining.


Certificate of KF94, FDA registration, CE(EN149 FFP2)v

We are Sales representative of 'DaeHo AL who has been famous for superior aluminum Sheet, Coil in domestic and overseas market since 2002.

Currently our factory has set up Mask production line that has 16 machines, 10,000 class clean room facilities and daily output over 400,000pcs(increased up to 1.5M), a total covered plant of 20,000 sq-meters and 50 employees. 


Our 2D mask’s has 4lalyer high-efficiency filter so that it can provide high defense from external infectious sources such as droplet, yellow dust, pollen and fine dust etc


And the two-stage folding design provides an excellent fit, and the three-dimensional structure design secures sufficient internal space for easy breathing so it is comfortable even when used for a long time.

In addition 100% Korea domestic raw and subsidiary materials are used so that you can wear it with big confidence. We already got certificate of KF94, FDA registration, CE(EN149 FFP2) and passed fit for formaldehyde, allergic dyes etc in our local lab too.


We are always focusing on best protection from all of infections by using best quality raw material(“Toray” fabric applied) & sanitary working surroundings even though it needs more cost. So we hope you can have a chance to try our quality health mask in your area too.


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Saint Enterprise Co Ltd

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2002
Business type
Trading Company



NONGONG-EUP,NONGONG JOONGANG-RO,#211, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
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Aluminum Alloy & Profiles,Aluminum Bars & Strips,Aluminum Ingots,Aluminum Pipes,Aluminum Sheets
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Tel : 82-53-792-0153     WhatsApp/Wechat/Kakaotalk: mobile +821027061883(Skype: john_lee25)

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We are joint venture with 'DaeHo AL who has been famous for superior Aluminum Circle, Sheet, Coil & Aluminum Profile, Tube in domestic and overseas market since 2002.


We have been selling to USA, Canada(Samuel, Stanley, Masonite, TWA etc), Japan(Panasonic,

Hitachi, Sumitomo, Toyota etc), China, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Vietnam,

Thailand,Singapore,Myanmar, Australia, Columbia(SEB group), Mexico, Guatemala, El salvador, ,

Iran & Ethiopia.


Total annual sales value is over US$170,000,000, and a total covered plant of 20,000 sq-meters and 220 employees. 

Many overseas enterprises have already been enjoying world best quality of our aluminum product, especially they use our semi-finished aluminum product for their Export product.

As a credible exporter in this field, we guarantee a best quality & short delivery with a long timed experience and technical know-how.


Main Markets

Canada Canada

China China

Colombia Colombia

Ecuador Ecuador

Ethiopia Ethiopia

Guatemala Guatemala

Indonesia Indonesia

India India

Iran Iran

Japan Japan

South Korea South Korea

Singapore Singapore

El Salvador El Salvador

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Viet Nam Viet Nam

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Aluminum Mill

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