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Clinical Thermometer

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    Product name Non-contact clinical thermometer_AT-100M Certification FDA
    Category Clinical Thermometer Ingredients -
    Keyword thermometer , non-contact , covid-19 , infra-red Unit Size 17.0 * 29.0 * 7.0 cm
    Brand name AT-100M Unit Weigh 1 kg
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    It automatically measures the temperature of the face at a distance of 30-45 centimetres.


    An image of a person on the surface of a screen  (= mirror) is seen and any information about the person is not stored except his/her temperature in order to respect his/her privacy


    A body temperature range of 34-42 ℃ is measured and an announcement (= temperature is high) is made when the temperature is over 37.5 .


    The thermometer stands on the tables or is hold by an officially used stand.


    The human body sends out energy in the form of heat as waves (= pattern in which some types of energy such as light and heat are spread or carried) that you cannot see (= infra-red radiation)Infra-red waves are longer than those of red light in the spectrum (= band coloured lights in order of their wavelengths, as seen in a rainbow and into which light may be separated).


    When the temperature of your body rises, the amount of infra-red radiation (= heat that is sent out in the form of waves) increases and you feel warm.


    64 (= 8 multiplied by 8) thermopiles (= equipment consisting of thermocouples arranged for measuring small quantities of radiant heat) arranged in lines across and down (= array) are put into this non-contact infra-red (= ‘below’ red in Latin) thermometer, so that the presence of heat produced by the 64 parts of your face is discovered.


    In consequence, data that is collected by the 64 sensors (= thermometers) is dealt with using a highly sophisticated (= very well designed and very advanced, and often works in a complicated way) system and reasonably accurate temperature is shown on the screen.


    The new invention was given a patent (= official right to make, use or sell an invention) by the Patent Offices in Korea, the USA, Europe and Japan.


    Moreover, the non-contact infra-red thermometer was given ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ from the Food and Drug Administration in the US as well as being recognized as a medical device by a government organization in Korea.

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    2 Iroun Mulgyeol

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      Iroun Mulgyeol (= Beneficial wave from Korean) was established in January 2020 with the aim of making beneficial waves in the world.   


      Products related to the COVID-19, cosmetic/bioengineering machines, ginseng/aloe vera drinks etc are supplied to overseas consumers at the moment.


      We provide people with goods that are of high quality at reasonable prices and try as hard as we can make them feel pleased and sure that the products/services are right/true.

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