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korea red ginseng, wild ginseng beverage, health functional foods, immune booster,
Health Care Supplement

1 Biomedgenomics Co., Ltd.

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    South Korea South Korea

    Product name YONGJINSAM GOLD Certification FDA
    Category Health Care Supplement Ingredients -
    Keyword korea red ginseng , wild ginseng beverage , health functional foods , immune booster Unit Size 11.3 * 14.5 * 11.3 cm
    Brand name YONGJINSAM GOLD Unit Weigh 783 g
    origin South Korea Stock -
    Supply type - HS code 0101211000
    Product Information




    YONGJINSAM Gold(Capsule) is

    a special red ginseng product that enhances wild ginseng saponin Rg5

    with high physiological activity by special manufacturing method

    (Korea Patent 0754767).

    It was acquired patents in Korea, USA, Japan, China, UK, Canada and Russia, and currently holds patents in three countries: Korea, USA, Japan.

    Also received US FDA approval.

    This is a product that researched and developed the six-year-old korean ginseng for 6 years.

    Other important saponins (Rg3, Ro, Re, Rc, etc.),

    which are very useful for liver, hypertension,

    and diabetes, are relatively high(4 ~ 17 times more) in red ginseng

    compared to other famous products.

    It is a very good red ginseng product that inhanced especially immunity and anticancer efficacy In nutrition and function.

    Wild ginseng saponin Rg5 enhances immunity and anticancer effect.

    It has been strengthened in yongjinsam ginseng powder.


    * Rg5 : The best saponin exist only in wild ginseng.

             Excellent immune enhancement and anti cancer effect.

    (source : journal of the Goryeo ginseng society 39(2) 125-134 1226-8453 KCI)



    http://web.tradekorea.com/tradekorea/editor/upload_image/2021/03/20210303_134050235_14345.jpg[special point]

    It is an upgrade of yongjinsam powder.

    It's convenient to take because of capsule form, and contains wild ginseng saponin Rg5, and high quality.

    Wild ginseng saponin Rg5 enhances immunity and anticancer effect.



    * Rg5 : The best saponin exist only in wild ginseng.

             Excellent immune enhancement and anti cancer effect.

    (source : journal of the Goryeo ginseng society 39(2) 125-134 1226-8453 KCI)










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    1 Biomedgenomics Co., Ltd.

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President


    • Address

      444 Dongbaekjukjeon-daero Giheung-gu Yongin-si Gyeonggi, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      Health Care Supplement

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    • Company introduction


      Biomedgenomics.Co.Ltd., is the professionalHealth Functional Food company, founded in 2006. The CEO of the company, YouSupChung who has 33 years of career with professional researcher at Korea leadingpharmaceutical companies, developed the special red ginseng ‘Yongjinsam’product, which included Wild Saponin (*Rg5) at the highest level in Koreathrough six years of research.


      Yongjinsam firstly obtained patents in sevencountries, including Korea, USA, Japan, China, England, Canada, and Russia, andmaintains patents in three countries _ Korea, USA, Japan _ and has beenapproved by the U.S. FDA.


      It is a company that manufactures and sellsYongjinsam and other healthy foods for 15 years.


      *Rg5: the ingredient that boost the immunity, which is included inWild Ginseng.


      (Wild ginseng: Wild ginseng is a ginseng that naturally grows onmountains, and its adaptability and utility are similar to ginseng, but itsmedicinal effects are superior)



      [Doctor of Pharmacy Yousup-Chung, Academics and Experiences]

      * Graduated from Seoul National University College of Pharmacy

      * Doctor of Pharmacy, Graduate School, Seoul National University

      * Post-Doc. Of Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, USA

      * Handok Pharmaceutical Science Department, Quality Control Department, Synthesis Department

      * Managing Director of Choongwae pharmaceutical Research Institute, Director of C & C New Drug Research Institute

      * Director, Hanlim Pharmaceutical Research Center

      * Currently, CEO of Biomedgenomics (2006~ )


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      • Singapore Singapore
      • U.S.A U.S.A
      • Viet Nam Viet Nam
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      • YONGJINSAM_Health Function Food_

        YONGJINSAM(Health Function Food)



      • Health food YONGJINNOKYONGBO

        Health food YONGJINNOKYONGBO

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