Achim Chicken Breast Smoked Flavor

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1 Achim

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    South Korea South Korea

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    • KITA
    Product name Achim Chicken Breast Smoked Flavor Certification HACCP
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    Supply type - HS code 1602329000
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    - Net Weight : 100g

    - Material of Package : Poly Propylene

    - Shelf Life : 12 months after manufacturing

    - Storage : Please store at room temperature and avoid to direct sunlight.

    - Usage : ready to eat without defrost or turn it in microwave for 15~30seconds.


    Chicken breast, Mixed seasoning[egg white powder, thickener(dextrin), refined salt, thickener(sodium polyphosphate), onion, emulsifier(sodium metaphosphate), garlic powder, L-sodium glutamate(flavor enhancer), smoke flavor(natural spices),thickener(dextrin), thickener(tribasic calcium phosphate), nutmeg powder, flavor enhancer(E621)]
    *Allergen indication: Product contains milk & egg


    Key Features of  all types of Achim Chicken Breasts (Retort Food)]

    - 1. It can be stored at room temperature for 12 months

    - 2. Easy to eat right away. No freezing and chilling

    - 3. Our products are steamed without moisture and it makes to taste better.

    - 4. Individual sterilized packaging makes to hygienic more. 




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    1 Achim

    • Country

      South Korea South Korea
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    • President


    • Address

      10 Seongnamdaero 858beongil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

    • Product Category

      Other Instant Food

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    • Company introduction

      We have invested heavily in product research and development for 4 years. As a result, we have an individual sterilization method that is different from the existing technology. 

      HACCP certified factory produces individual sterilization products for agricultural, livestock and marine products. It is a future growth company with excellent growth potential that takes less than six months to enter convenience stores and supermarkets. 

      It is a domestic manufacturing innovation company that is not only gaining rapid growth in the domestic food market by applying the best quality food development technology, but also showing great interest in 60 overseas markets such as Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. 

      We are ACHIM Co., Ltd., a fast growing, innovative company that is leading the rapid expansion of the HMR market.


      ※ Features and Principles of Product

      1.  Our products are steamed without water and it 

            makes food taste better. 

      2. Store room temperature, not refrigerated and frozen. 

      3. It’s easy to eat right away. 

      4. Individual sterilized packaging. 

      5. Ceaseless efforts to develop healthy food. 


    • Main Markets
      • Australia Australia
      • Hong Kong(China) Hong Kong(China)
      • N.Zealand N.Zealand
      • Viet Nam Viet Nam
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    • Verified Certificate HACCP
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