[ILOJE] Frozen Time Collagen Patch Mask SE

[ILOJE] Frozen Time Collagen Patch Mask SE

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South Korea
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facial mask pack, konad, sheet mask, skin care,
Facial Care

KONAD Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2002
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Trading Company
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[ILOJE] Frozen Time Collagen Patch Mask SE


- Repairing Mask SE

- Moisturizing Mask SE

- Vitality Mask SE

- Brightening Mask SE

- Firming Mask SE


Choose a facial mask according to your skin condition!

Skin age down!

with plenty of elasticity essence for firm skin


#anti wrinkle function #peptide comples # customized care #skin moisturizing #skin soothing  #Vitamin






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KONAD Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2002
Business type
Trading Company



92 Namdongseoro,KONAD Bldg., Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea
Product Category
Makeup,Facial Care,Nail Art,Hair Treatment,Shampoo
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KONAD Co., Ltd. is leading manufacturer and exporter of KONAD Stamping Nail Art Kits and iloje Flobu and niju Cosmetics, we export to over 120 countries around the world for many years enjoying a good reputation.   KONAD CO., LTD. selected “Korean World-Class Product” by Ministry of Knowledge Economy in 2012 and got certificate of “CGMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice)” by KFDA.   KONAD Stamping Nail Art Kit, KONAD Stamping Nail Art Kit is one of the most amazing inventions in the beauty industry history. It can beautify nails without demanding professional skill, high expense, long time and even ages. It is designed for anybody to be able decorate nails by stamping pre-designed images at home in seconds and developed for the first in the world. KONAD Stamping nail art kit is receiving women’s love from all over the world due to its easy handling and great expression. You can express various your own creativity with KONAD.   KONAD iloje Flobu and niju Cosmetics, KONAD Co., Ltd. is manufacture and export company in cosmetic field. KONAD cosmetics are made based on natural plant extracts and valuable materials. We focus on high quality first, so the quality compares quite well with famous foreign-made brands. Everybody who uses our cosmetics loves its quality and beauty design.   We continue to develop more fresh items for nail art and high quality cosmetics and take our best attention for customers needs. We are sure that KONAD Co., Ltd. creates new fashion trend ‘Stamping Nail Art’ and will grow as a reliable General Beauty Company.

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