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Water Treatment , Drying Equipment , Air-Compressors & Parts , Energy Saving Equipment & Parts , Waste Management

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    Category Water Treatment
    Drying Equipment
    Air-Compressors & Parts
    Energy Saving Equipment & Parts
    Waste Management
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    The Highest Efficiency Turbo Blower : We are looking for resellers!


        Our Turbo Blower is world’s only and most advanced single stage centrifugal blowers based on high speed focused specialized technology. Concurrently designed impeller, motor, bearing and VFD are the key of our high efficiency. Due to it’s high rotational speed requirements, all components should have been redesigned considering high speed and high temperature conditions. All those were new challenge in order to overcome high speed difficulties. Now, turbo blower is the world’s only blower which satisfies all technical requirements and efficiency.


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    HMI (Input/output device)


        Turbo blower-Series displays flow, output, number of revolutions, output pressure, and temperature in real time on a seven-inch touch screen, the most widely used display. Turbo blower or higher class models realize easier control with a ten-inch touch screen. Four additional soft-ware components—START, LOAD, STOP and EMERGENCY—enable the user to control it even in an emergency as well as facilitate quick control.



    Inverter (VFD)


        Turbo blower-Series comprises the latest our Inverter Series verified as the system driving high-speed PM motors. Turbo blower-Series realizes the simplest wiring structure because its innovative dual motor cooling structure enables cooling without exclusive SINE filter for inverters. Furthermore, an exclusive intake filter for the inverter is mounted. The cool air through the inverter is not discharged outside, but flows into the motor room.



    Control Panel (PLC or Micom board type)


        Turbo blower-Series can select the controller using MICOM. Turbo blower-Series can be connected to all kinds of communication protocols by providing three kinds of communication ports: RS485, RS232, and Ethernet. Moreover, Turbo blower-Series facilitates maintenance by a compact control wiring structure.


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    1 Turbokorea ENS

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Dongki Lim

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      Gangnae-myeon, Taeseong 1-gil,81, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea

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      Water Treatment,Other Machinery & Industry Equipment,Other General Industrial Equipment

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      Its turbo blower have been important elements in many manufacturing sectors for decades. Our active R&D department produces a steady flow of pioneering innovations such as turbo blower with oil-free operation, products that have become hallmarks of technological progress. “Perfect quality” as the company motto says.

      All our products are manufactured in the company’s own plants. The advantage is obvious: all components can be perfectly attuned to one another and fully integrated into the production process. The result is greater reliability, security, and economy. Round the-clock, uninterrupted operation and maximum productivity at lower costs.





      Oil-free, low maintenance, robust:

      The permanent magnet motor from our The permanent magnet motor driving the Turbo blower is one our innovation that is setting standards for efficiency. Performance levels of this new high-speed motor are noticeably higher than conventional motors. Operational speeds of the air-cooled, compact motor are adjustable. Air foil bearings mean that operation is absolutely oil-free as well as friction- and vibration-free. The result is minimal maintenance and reduced wear – and, of course, greater efficiency.



      Technology, R&D, Future business


      We have our own core technology. We are developing various technologies with the support of the government. Developing a new category of products. : Electric vehicle PM-motor, Turbo Compressor, Micro Turbine Generator, Electric turbocharger, etc. Our future business benefits our partners.



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      • Turbo Blower

        Turbo Blower : We are looking for resellers!

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