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    HairView is an AI-based automatic hair/scalp analyzer composed an analysis software and portable camera linked to mobile device (cell phone, tablet etc) that able to analyse hair density, hair thickness, scalp sebum, scalp sensitivity and dandruff etc. with 3 illumination mode. Through this, it is possible to examine various scalp conditions and determine whether or not hair loss has occurred based on medical criteria.




    1.     Product Features

    A.     A Wide Angle of View : A scalp area that is 10 times larger than other products

        i ) The other products is to multiply a large multiple to obtain the hair density after photographing a small area.

            In this way, errors are inevitable. On the other hand, HairView is able to shoot a much wider range

            than other similar products and calculate more accurate hair density without the deviation.


    B.       Auto-Focus Lens :

        i ) HairView is equipped with a camera that applies liquid autofocus lens technology resembling

            a human eye, so there is no need to change or add lens according to the shooting distance in the case

            of other similar products.

            Therefore, user experience is maximized by performing multiple lens functions with one liquid lens.

        ii ) Hybrid optical 100 X zoom : It is possible to view images from a distance up to 100x optical zoom


    C.      3 type illumination Mode

        i ) HairView precisely scans the scalp under 3 type illumination mode, white LED with

            or whithout cross-polarization , UV LED to detail the condition of the scalp such as sebum,

            dandruff and redness


    D.     Lightness & Ergonomic design

        i )  There is little discomforteven if you hold it for a long time by using a lightweight material

             and natural dome-shaped cureved design.

        ii )  There is a switch in the position that touches the second finger,

               so user convenience is much improved when shooting.


    Hair View


    Image Sensor

    Color CMOS (5 Mega Pixel )



    5M (2560X1920)WQHD




    Live streaming


    Liquid Lens



    Electrowetting Auto Focusing



    Scalp sebum condition shooting possible



    White LED


    Polaroid Film

    Cross Polarizing


    Button Function

    Auto Focusing / Image Capture

    One Button

    Measurement Mode

    Hair loss type /  Number of hair roots  /  Hair density / Hair thickness /  Hair keratin /  Scalp sensitivity



    USB Type-A


    OS Support

    Android (mobile. Tablet)

    IOS later


    Ø85 x 70mm


    B2B Trade
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      3rd floor 135 Yeoksam-ro Gangnam-gu Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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      Skin Analyzer

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    • Company introduction

      AIMS Inc. (Artificial Intelligence for Medicine& Security) is a medical device manufacturing company using AI technology.

      As a venture company that spins off at the Advanced Instituteof Convergence Technology of Seoul National University, our mission is thepopularization of medical AI technology for the public. 

      We are developing fastand accurate AI-based inspection solutions for the early detection of disease aswell as solutions to asymmetry in medical information.

      Recently, we received an AI-based medical imagingdiagnosis support software medical device(EyeView) license for the glaucomascreening test from the Korea Food and Drug Administration and we aredeveloping a portable fundus camera. 

      Also, we completed the development of an AI-basedscalp and alopecia analysis solution composed of software and a camera calledHairView.

      Ourchallenge of contributing to the early detection of diseases and resolvingasymmetry of medical information through the popularization of medical AItechnology will continue.

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