Portable UV sterilizer Multi Buster

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South Korea
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Multi Buster
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sterilizer, uv-c led,
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    South Korea South Korea

    Product name Portable UV sterilizer Multi Buster Certification -
    Category Other Home Appliances Material ABS,LED,PP,SILICONE,UV
    Keyword sterilizer , uv-c led Unit Size 4.7 * 4.7 * 6.3 mm
    Brand name Multi Buster Unit Weigh 52 g
    origin South Korea Stock 1000
    Supply type ODM HS code 8543702090
    Product Information



    Bottled water, we think, is okay as it is?

    Will you just drink water remaining after drinking straight from the bottle?

    In a PET bottle, bacteria propagate quickly even in a day.

    Multi Buster provides a solution for the problem.


     What are Ultraviolet Rays? X Ray, Visible-light LED, Infrared Light.

    UV-C LED is most effective to sterilize at a wavelength of 275 mm.

     Generally, UV-C LED has the biggest sterilization effect

    Multi Buster equipped with UV-C LED is 100% mercury and ozone-free.



    Sterilize many different products.

    Using Multi Buster’s exclusive parts, it is possible to sterilize many different products, such as a mask, a cell phone and a plastic teething ring. 

    Multi Buster’s own strengths

    A portable sterilizer

    Experience clear water in just 90 seconds.

    Equipped with semi-permanent UV-C LED

    Manufactured in Korea from start to finish.

    Product Information

    Product Name: Multi Buster Sterilizer

    Model Name: G-K100

    Color: White, Pink, Mint 

    KC Certification No.: R-R-GRZ-G-K100

    Components: Multi Buster Main Body, USB Cable, Non-woven Pouch

    Rated Charging Voltage: DC 5V

    Lens Output: 12mW

    Battery Rating: 1~2A

    Hours of Use At A Time: 90 seconds / Usable 70 times after charging once.

    Sterilization System · Sterilizing Power: UV-C LED / 99.99% 

    Manufacturer: GREEN ZONE CO., LTD.

    Country of Origin: The Republic of Korea

    B2B Trade
    Price (FOB) 21.7 USD transportation Ocean Shipping
    MOQ 240 Leadtime 40 Day
    Payment Options L/C Shipping time 40 Day

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Kang Tae Woo

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      Cheongwon-ro Pyeongtaek-si Gyeonggi B.1415-28, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Other Electronic Components,Other Health Care Products

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    • Company introduction

      Green Zone was created in April 2020 to develop a multi-purpose sterilizer that is as easy to carry as a cell phone. Using led uv, we created a multi-buster that sticks to the water bottle. When you do outdoor activities, you can attach it to a water bottle. At home, it is a product that can sterilize a variety of products such as cell phones, masks, and baby bottles by 99.9% using a multibuster container.


      This product is certified with country-specific certificates such as rohc, ce, fcc and vcci. It also received authentication certificates of 99.9% sterilization power in Korea and Japan.


      The patent section is complete with the design and trademark.

      Now we're applying for a PCT.

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    • Main Product
      • Portable UV sterilizer Multi Buster

        Portable UV sterilizer Multi Buster

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