Fermented Tea drink DTX Black

7 wholesome ingredients fermented and aged carefully to create a mild yet rich taste!

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South Korea
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fermented, herbal,
Herbal Tea

IDO Co., Ltd.

Recent Visit
Nov 24, 2022
Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
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Product name Fermented Tea drink DTX Black Certification -
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Product Information

DTX-BLACK uses a perfect blend of 7 ingredients to

fuel your body!

Dan-Shen root with a distinct aroma and mild taste,

saponin-rich Japanese Lady Bell root, 

earthy Balloon Flower root,

irreplaceable Lonicera flower

robust Kudzu root,

and pleasant aftertaste that Licorice root creates

works in harmony to create 

a perfect bottle of DTX-BLACK. 

Only the natural sweetness 

for every tea-lovers to enjoy. 

DTX-BLACK did not use any artificial additives 

or added sugar. Instead, we carefully selected healthy

ingredients from nature to make the drink delightful

The one fermented herbal drink for all.


Dan-Shen is also known as red sage for its resemblance to the red color of the heart. Dan-shen roots course through the harsh ground and blooms a beautiful purple flower in time. Once the plant is two to four years old, the root smells pleasant and tastes delicate. This hearty plant is a perfect choice for an exciting day ahead of you!

Bamboo leaves used in DTX-BLACK are individually handpicked at the hilltop of the Key Cheong-san Botanical Garden and fermented with care. Bamboo leaves are known to help calm our mind and body. IDO's fermentation technique on the leaves' epidermis allows for the efficient release of key compounds. 

In Korea, Balloon flower roots are commonly used to help with sore throats. To eliminate the bitter taste, IDO fermented the roots and successfully created a healthy drink for everyone to enjoy. 2-3 years or older roots are collected and fermented as a whole. Balloon flower root is a must-ingredient in times of pollution. 

Japanese Lady Bell Root is a rare saponin-rich plant with a soft yet rich flavor and is loved by many. This ingredient is great for the modern population, who constantly face the side effects of fine dust and air pollution.

Lonicera flower, also known as the Gold-and-Silver flower, is one of IDO's most beloved ingredients. Handpicked and fermented with love, the Lonicera flower has the power to protect our body system. 

Kudzu root has a marvellous strength to stem its roots even through the toughest ground. This robust plant plays a significant part in IDOtea's product lines. On your exhausting days, Kudzu root will be your gift from nature. 

Unlike artificially added sweet ingredients, Licorice roots create a delicately sweet flavor with a pleasant aftertaste that brings all the ingredients together. 

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IDO Co., Ltd.

Country / Year Established
South Korea South Korea / 2007
Recent Visit
Nov 24, 2022
Business type
Lee Eun Sil
Cheongha-myeon, Cheongha-ro 151beon-gil,27, Buk-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
Product Category
Coffee & Tea,Other Foods,Health Care Supplement
Year Established
No. of Total Employees
Company introduction

IDO is a company specializing in fermenting herbal medicines. It ferments a variety of medicinal herbs with respectively different parts and features of leaves, roots, stems, and flowers, etc, helping make the curing ability of herbal medicines more stronger and has been researching, developing, and producing various types of products ranging from foods and soaps to cosmetics.

IDO is putting its reason to purify the body and mind in a cup of tea based on thorough selection of raw materials.

1.  Company History
IDO-means the order and nature of how to live a life that is healthy in mind and body
As our name implies, all our products are in accordance with nature.
IDO's fermented-herb teas use only natural ingredients based on our unique re-interpretation and further refinement of traditional Korean medicine.

2. Products
i. Fermented tea possessing great taste and flavor as well as health benefits. Fermentation removes bitterness and strong scent from the herbal medicine and delivers smooth taste.

ii. Features:
IDO has expertise in fermentation of herb raw materials used in the practice of highest-quality traditional Korean medicine. Fermenting various herb raw materials such as leaves, roots, stems, flowers make medicinal effects of each more potent. Leveraging our expertise in medicinal herb materials, Edou researches, develops and produces soap and cosmetics. Edou's strict quality control begins from the selection of the raw materials.

3. Quality Control System
IDO uses organic, natural raw materials produced primarily in Korea. IDO obtained ISO9001, but our internal standard for the selection of raw material is stricter than any other international certification standard.

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IDO Co., Ltd.

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