Tray Sealing Machine New M1

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packaging equipment, food tray sealing machine, food take out, to go pack,
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5 AFES Co Ltd

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    Product name Tray Sealing Machine New M1 Certification -
    Category Other Packaging
    Boxes & Trays
    Foil Containers
    Food Wrapping Paper
    Other Food Packaging
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    Keyword packaging equipment , food tray sealing machine , food take out , to go pack Unit Size 205.0 * 250.0 * 460.0 mm
    Brand name AFES Unit Weigh 12 kg
    origin South Korea Stock 500
    Supply type Available HS code 842240
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    Tray sealing machine is convenient tool that seals with film over the vessel included various kinds of foods. Mainly, the material of vessel and film are configurated PET / PE / PP / PS / eco-biodegradable item. Foods sealed with using these materials in this machine will be easy delivered, maintain freshness and kept clean than other packaging tools. It can be also used in microwave ovens.



    New M1 created for restaurant & food supply vendor for small amount.
    Also it can be sealed any sized tray within Max sized 230x190mm.
    And it is allowed sealing any sized containers due to customized sealing frame.
    The contents of tray is kept safe at 110℃ after sealing and at 100℃ in microwave and oven.


    Usage : Shop, Restaurant, Take-out, Delivery etc



    MeterialAluminium, Metal, Plastic
    Dimension250 X 460 X 205mm (Open Height 590mm)
    Weight11.7 Kg
    Power220V / 600 W
    Sealing Capacity7~8 / min
    Max Sealing Size230(L) X 190(W) mm

    B2B Trade
    Price (FOB) Negotiable transportation Express,Ocean Shipping,Air Transportation
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    5 AFES Co Ltd

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      A-2004, 22, Neuti-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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      Food Packaging,Food Mixers & Processors,Other Kitchen Appliances,Other Food Packaging,Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machines

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      AFES Co., Ltd., located in Gyeonggi-province, the center of Korea's industry, manufacture the best smart food packaging equipment with passionate technology development of all employees based on honesty and responsibility Since its establishment in 2003.


      Especially, AFES, brand name and company’s name, is the best premium brand that symbolizes the best ‘Ace’ in the same industry.


      We always manufacture the best quality food processing equipment and food packaging equipment, and supply to the worldwide market as well as domestic market.


      We also think it is our duty and we achieve customer satisfaction through providing them. We have a unique and methodical manufacturing System for well adapted fast-changing global market place.


      And we promote to mutual profit with customer through well trained our staffs.


      We can promise to offer the best value for our customers through high quality product production, competitive pricing and a guarantee to meet customer requirements.


      We appreciate your continuous interest and support.


      Thank You.

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