JC-304 NEO Calf Compression Sleeve

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    Product name JC-304 NEO Calf Compression Sleeve Certification FDA , CE
    Category Other Sports & Entertainment Products
    Other Body Care Products
    Rehabilitation Therapy products
    Other Health Care Products
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    1, Compression bands are worn on the joints to relieve excessive contraction and tension in the muscles. 2, Strengthens the areas where the muscles are too weak or relaxed, helping to prevent necrosis in the muscle joints. 3, A therapy aimed at controlling muscle balance, preventing injury, and protecting joints. 4, Neo compression series produced in a whole garment method without sewing lines. 5, Continuous refreshing feeling. 6, There is no discomfort or discomfort caused by sweating on the worn part. 7, Air circulation and sweat absorption are fast, so it always keeps freshness. 8, Prevents muscle and fascia separation, and reduces movement to prevent secondary injuries. 9, Reduces muscle fatigue caused by incorrect posture and exercise, protects from the risk of injury. 10, Compression therapy has few side effects and do not use drugs, so it can be used effectively even for pregnant women, children, and the elderly who are particularly difficult to treat with drugs.



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    9 NEOMED

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      South Korea South Korea
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      Yoo, Young-ho

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      Jangnim-ro 196Beon-gil,20, Saha-gu, Busan, Korea

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      Medical Devices,Sports Safety,Medical Consumables,Rehabilitation Therapy products,Other Health Care Products

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      Just as the US has NASA explored space, Korea has Neomed that saves lives of all people around the world by constantly developing functional joint supports and health masks.


      NEOMED has been focusing on R & D Product Development for 33 years and has been awarded the Presidential Citation, recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Busan Metropolitan City Mayor, Busan Economic Promotion Agency, President of Technopark and President of Tomyeong University.


      We have been designated as a HIGH GROWTH company by the Small and Medium Business Administration, A LEADING Company in Busan, Venture Company, Promising Export Company and Technological INNOBIZ Enterprise with an affiliated Design Institute.

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      • China China
      • Indonesia Indonesia
      • Japan Japan
      • Mongolia Mongolia
      • Philippines Philippines
      • U.S.A U.S.A
    • Main Product
      • NEO Elbow Support

        NEO Elbow Support

      • Neo Back Support

        Neo Back Support

      • The Others NEO Support

        The Others NEO Support

      • NEO Wrist Support

        NEO Wrist Support

    • Verified Certificate FDA CE
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